Tata Capital unveils second phase of Do Right campaign

The company has launched a first-of-its-kind survey that aims to reveal India's perspective on some of the major challenges facing the nation

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Updated: Nov 6, 2014 7:54 AM
Tata Capital unveils second phase of Do Right campaign

Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group, as part of its Do Right initiative, has launched a first-of-its-kind survey, which aims to reveal India’s perspective on some of the major challenges facing the nation. The India4India survey, available on www.doright.in, asks people to vote for what they think are the most critical challenges that our country needs to resolve. The survey aims to reveal thought provoking insights into our society’s perception of the macro issues that our country is facing.
The survey is the next phase of the much known ‘Half stories’ initiative.

“The Do Right initiative marries the philosophy of Tata Capital, with its objectives, perfectly. As an initiative it focuses on doing right and on building a better and more positive world, and at the same time helps build genuine brand – customer engagement.  The initiative has two key facets to itself – inspiring others to do right and doing right ourselves. In its first season – Half Stories received a highly positive response and the engagement and success we saw in the first season of Half Stories has encouraged us to launch the second season, which is bigger, and touches upon nation-wide challenges. With the #India4India survey we hope to crowd-source the challenges we should aim to touch upon in the second season. We are confident this season too will see unprecedented success and India will stand for India (#India4India)”, said Veetika Deoras, Head – Brand Marketing, Corporate Communication and Digital vertical, Tata Capital.

The First Phase

‘Half - Stories’ is a digital platform that brings two halves together using the power of digital media. One half stems from the everyday stories of courage, perseverance and determination that while being an inspiration, also highlight a challenge, and the other half stems from ordinary citizens, who can step in and help complete these stories by solving the challenge/s.

In its first season, Tata Capital Half Stories undertook a 2500 km journey from Dharamshala in the North to the Sunderbans in the East. En route, it discovered ten stories of everyday people – stories that highlighted a need, and then using the digital platform, helped complete them. The stories ranged from a small school on the Indo-Nepal border which desperately needed blackboards and stationery kits, to an all-girls football team in Dooars, which needed new shoes to pursue their passion. Through this initiative Tata Capital, not only provided the support to these causes, but also highlighted its philosophy on a larger stage calling for public attention and participation from the society at large to ‘do right’.

The first season saw Tata Capital Do Right acquire over three lakh fans online. “We saw average engagement rates of about 2.5 per cent - at times touching as high as 6 per cent, the videos promoting the stories received a cumulative 1 million views and most importantly we received extremely positive reactions on our social channels,” said Deoras.

The Second Phase

Encouraged by the response and support received on social media, Tata Capital ideated and re-instated the platform of Half Stories as Half Stories II. In its second season this year, Tata Capital Half Stories aims to bring in the context of the nation at large.

“Our attempt is to identify the key challenges facing our Country, and highlight them through the lens of individual half stories. As a first step, we are running an online survey (#India4India) available on ‘http://doright.in/, which asks people to vote for what they think are the most critical challenges that our country needs to resolve. The idea came into being as we have realised that over the last two decades India has witnessed high growth and is poised to be recognised as one of the world’s leading nations,” said Deoras.

“Unfortunately, at the same time we face our fair share of challenges. Issues like poverty, pollution, women’s empowerment – are causes that need greater attention from each one of us. Taking cognizance of the same, Tata Capital has launched a first-of-its-kind survey which aims to reveal India’s perspective on some of the major challenges facing our country today,” she added.

Going Forward

“Post the survey, we will compile the results to see what the top five challenges that emerge are. Our attempt will be to highlight these challenges, using the digital medium, to help raise awareness and also identify half stories that we will help complete,”
Deoras said.

“We will be actively using the digital media to promote the initiative. The initiative can be accessed via web (www.doright.in), Facebook page (facebook.com/tatacapital), Twitter (twitter.com/tatacapital) and You Tube (Youtube.com/TataCapitalLtd). Additionally, we may seek partnership with a print publication to help raise awareness of the initiative in the offline space,” she added.

She also stated that, “Brands, more so in today’s digital era, need to engage with its audience and engage in a manner that is relevant, honest and real. For us the Do Right initiative is all of these as it emanates from the philosophy of the brand, and because it propagates a spirit, which is extremely pertinent. By consistently executing on our brand value, we aim to fulfil this journey by forging personal and meaningful bonds our consumers and the people of India, as a whole.”

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