Remarketing on mobile will be at par with web, if not bigger : Ashwin Puri

Ashwin Puri, VP, Remarketing & Mobile, Komli Media, talks about the emergence of remarketing on mobile and says users browsing on mobile display higher purchase intent & click through rates

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Updated: May 19, 2014 8:04 AM
Remarketing on mobile will be at par with web, if not bigger : Ashwin Puri

 Mobile phones are increasingly evolving as the go-to marketing medium for all sectors. Being the only device that has the user connected all the time, its popularity as an advertising platform is increasing at a fast rate. (Read more about it here- Mobile set for extraordinary growth despite ROI challenge, say experts ).

Besides establishing presence on mobile via apps and mobile-related products, brands are also exploring ways in which they can reach out to maximum audience. Digital media technology firm Komli Media,  launched a new remarketing demand side platform (RDSP) earlier this year (read here- Komli Media restructures,to focus on remarketing demand side platform).  The company has now brought the remarketing platform to mobile. The new offering provides marketers and app developers a solution to re-engage with their users on mobile web and applications in the same manner as web.

Talking to exchange4media, AshwinPuri, VP Remarketing & Mobile, Komli Media shared insights on how mobile is evolving as a platform for advertising.

Tell us about remarketing on mobile.
We launched the Remarketing DSP platform in February this year and it was desktop-focused at that time. Now it supports mobile as well. The idea is to replicate that on mobile. However, that said since the concept works on cookies it’s not very easy to replicate on mobile because cookies don’t work on mobile web.

Remarketing is evolving as a serious strategy on web, how’s it growing on mobile?
It’s early days as of now. If you ask any of the big e-commerce firm, 20 per cent of their transactions are coming from mobile. In next 12-18 months everyone is predicting more than half of their business will come from mobile. This is also why everyone is launching their own apps. In such a scenario marketing on mobile also takes a serious role to play.

How is mobile remarketing different from web? Is it more effective on mobile?
Web has so many different options but on mobile given the form factor it is going to be even more critical. We believe it will be more effective. Through the initial campaigns that we have run, we have seen that users who are browsing on mobile have a lot more purchase intent as compared to browsing on desktop. Click through rate is also more on mobile. Remarketing on mobile will be equal to web if not better.

What are the challenges that you face?
In my view, the whole user experience on mobile needs to be rethought. People are used to looking up things on mobile but not used to buying on mobile. That mindset change needs to happen. Also awareness regarding apps and making sure people download apps since apps are way more secure and easier to use is also needed. These are all challenges.

How is mobile as a whole coming along in terms of spends from marketers?
Spends on mobile have massively increased in last one year. It still is single digit percentage but what has changed is that mobile has become an integral part of what they are doing. Mobile as a standalone value prop is still nascent but it is moving way faster than web particularly for e-commerce, OTAs etc. For other traditional sectors it’s not that big, since in these categories internet is not the purchase channel so it’s not mission critical to go big on mobile.

How many customers are live on the remarketing platform?
More than 25 customers live on the platform and all of them are e-commerce, OTAs, online classifieds, etc. The other vertical that we see scope is traditional app developers. Apart from that BFSI is another sector where we see scope. They have started to see a lot of customer interaction online.

Some key mobile marketing trends that have caught your eye.
Push around applications; most people are getting to apps from mobile browsers,and that is a big trend. Secondly, there is a lot of push around rich media. Everyone is pushing for richer formats on phone.
Thirdly location-based advertising is a big trend and lastly, we see mobile really being pushed by RTB.
While online world took way long to embrace RTB but on mobile 80 to 90 per cent inventory is already on RTB.

How will you imbibe video in remarketing product?
Video is more relevant from a brand advertising point of view. In the near term objectives, video doesn’t quite fit in remarketing. We don’t necessarily in short term see video a part of remarketing since it is majorly used for brand building whereas remarketing is coming out to be more relevant for performance marketing.

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