Quick five with Hungama Digital Media’s Neeraj Roy

Hungama recently launched a new music app positioned as a ‘Game Changer’. The company’s MD & CEO shares how the app can change the music experience

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Updated: Apr 2, 2013 7:54 PM
Quick five with Hungama Digital Media’s Neeraj Roy

Hungama recently launched a new ‘Music Application’, positioned as a ‘Game Changer’. The app aims to change the way users listen to and experience music and videos across devices. The app includes features like Loyalty feature that rewards the user for every action on the app; Mood Discovery, that finds and plays music to match the user’s mood; gamification and other features that are fresh to the digital music market.

Neeraj Roy, Managing Director and CEO of Hungama Digital Media Entertainment talks about insights behind the new app, positioning, digital and mobile trends in India and more…

What were the insights that led to the development of the new music application?
Our consumer surveys showed that as Indians we don’t listen to our music we watch our music, also today’s consumer has very little time, we cannot expect them to do things if we want them to use our services , we need to take these services to them, and not expect them to come to us.
Also the consumer wants us to curate music across formats for him so the listening experience is simpler and seamless for him. Surprisingly ‘Lyrics’ of songs is the single most searched on the internet.
Another interesting insight was that ‘touch’ as a form factor which is interactive has now broadened the consumer segment from 2 to 80 years.

Taking all these insights forward we wanted to come up with something that was a break away from the clutter. We have also for the first time in the music domain, introduced the elements of gamification that is engaging and more immersive for consumers.

How are you going to promote the application?
We truly we believe this is the finest music and video app in the world, we have built it currently for all operating formats, we have key strategic partnerships with device companies that will take the promotion of this app forward itself. We are looking at the advent of social media in this. Also the loyalty programme will open a whole new window of partnerships for us.

What is the activity entailed in the second phase of the new music application to make it more engaging?
We will incorporate ‘real goods’ people can redeem under the Loyalty feature, for the consumers it will be like their own personal entertainment passbook.

What is focus for Hungama going forward for 2013?
Our areas of focus will be our music and video service which is hungama .com, the other is gaming which is going to be a big thrust area. We have just done a new joint venture which gets us all the way from mobile, social, casual online to console gaming.  We have gone beyond just music and video we have branched off into other verticals as ; faith sport, lifestyle and even education.

Where do you the digital and mobile industry in India, any significant trends you can cite?
India is one of the rare markets which can transition from 3G to 4G
Internet connections will reach 443 million by 2016; youth will continue to drive internet usage through the mobile medium. 
• Broadly connectivity will continue to get better.
60% of the televisions hitting the market will be smart tvs, the challenge for the industry will be to enable for smart usage.
First signs of location playing a huge role in consumption, when you have 4G services and you are always connected location is a powerful enhancer and enrichment in terms of what it can do for all sorts of services.

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