Programmatic in India is more widespread than many global markets: Matt Brocklehurst, Google

One of the drivers of this growth is the form of programmatic called the ‘programmatic guaranteed’.

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Updated: Mar 9, 2018 7:45 AM

India is counted among the fastest growing advertising markets in the world. This definitely has to do with the sheer size of the economy as well as the greater push towards Digital India. With disruptive technologies increasingly becoming part of the advertising domain in the country, over the years programmatic advertising has become a dominant trend in the Indian advertising market.

According to Matt Brocklehurst, Programmatic & Platforms Marketing Lead, Asia Pacific at Google, India is showing a lot of promise when it comes to the use of programmatic. According to him, “If we look at India, the current penetration of programmatic is 41%, so India is ahead of many Asia Pacific markets already. One of the drivers of this growth is this form of programmatic called the ‘programmatic guaranteed’. It is particularly interesting for India because there is a lot of engagement in India with programmatic guaranteed. Typically when people look at programmatic from a publishers perspective they look at premium inventories like homepage, masthead or a premium video, which are all the crown jewels of a publisher. Usually publishers are not keen to put that in programmatic environment because they want a fixed price and guaranteed volume. What programmatic guarantees is that it allows publishers to trade the price and have guaranteed volume with an agency. Moreover, what it has done is that it has replaced the manual process with an automated process and brought efficient practices into the environment.”
Elaborating on the changes that are occurring in the programmatic domain, Brocklehurst says, “Now marketers are getting a fair insight into the programmatic world. Earlier there was not much research in Asia Pacific in terms of what is the state of the marketplace. We have worked with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) & Nielsen to look at how programmatic is affecting businesses globally and particularly India. They looked at India specifically and they looked at the penetration of programmatic and India is going from 6 % to 17 %, which is almost a 3x growth in programmatic guaranteed for India”. 
There is no doubt that new technology is seen with certain amount of scepticism by marketers but programmatic appears to be the exception. According to Brocklehurst, the sheer transparency and efficiency that programmatic ensures has brought this technology at the centre stage of today’s marketing practices.“One of the biggest advantages of programmatic is that you are dealing in a very transparent environment. Though there are also some concerns around programmatic, we take them very seriously at Google. I would also like to mention that programmatic as a concept and product is still very young and we are looking at ways to improve, but at the same time everyone in this domain is committed to deliver maximum value and deliver the maximum transparency,"he explains.

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