LinkedIn study lists 5 trends for technology marketers

The report, titled The Age of Agility, is a B2B technology buying survey for India

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Updated: Oct 6, 2021 4:15 PM
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LinkedIn has released a B2B technology buying survey for India. The report is titled The Age of Agility.

“The events of 2020 accelerated today’s evolving world of work into a new era — one that embraces innovation, resilience and adaptability like never before. Looking ahead, technology is poised to play an integral role in how companies in India navigate our rapidly evolving world. From remote work to increased dependency on cloud-based solutions and applications, the sheer volume of digital transformation projected to take place over the next several years will fundamentally shift how companies in India operate in the decade ahead,” states the report.

The report, which has been prepared after reviewing data from nearly 6000 respondents, lists five key recommendations that stand out for technology marketers to succeed in the Age of Agility.

The five trends are: 

1 Empower the next generation of IT guides 

2 Aim for fame in the customer journey 

3 Address the committee’s paradox of needs 

4 Spark the virtual water cooler 

5 Seize the post-sale frontier 

Talking about how Covid-19 has impacted global B2B technology budgets, the report mentions,” The pandemic catalysed shifts in both business and consumer spending patterns in India, prompting companies to reassess both shortand long-term vehicles for driving growth. A key insight from our study was the noticeable decline in overall projected technology spend over the next 12 months for 1 in 3 businesses — across all subcategories, company sizes, and regions. We believe these shifts in spending reflect the outcome of evolving business models brought on as companies navigate three common recovery scenarios(1): 

  1. Business disrupted Companies in ‘disrupted’ mode face severe revenue and profitability challenges due to decreasing customer demand. IT and technology costs are likely to be cut so that businesses can remain financially solvent and preserve cash flow. 
  2. Business unusual Companies in ‘unusual’ mode are developing creative solutions to overcome evolving customer needs. Technology budgets are likely to remain neutral or shift toward higher priority initiatives. 
  3. Business evolved Companies in ‘evolve’ mode are adapting quickly and offering differentiated services to unlock greater value with new and existing audiences. Technology budgets are likely to increase, fuelling future growth through innovation.

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