It's imperative to understand market regulations for gaming advertising: Chris Wieners

At the e4m Game On: Gaming Summit, Wieners, Managing Partner, Hogo Digital, noted that platforms like Twitch have a significant influence in the gaming world today

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Updated: Mar 20, 2021 9:13 AM
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On day 2 of e4m Game On: Gaming Summit, Chris Wieners, Managing Partner, Hogo Digital shared digital marketing techniques to acquire people in Asia while capitalising on the booming gaming arena.

Wieners shed light on key areas for gaming operators, platforms and channels in the digital space that are being utilized throughout the Asia Pacific. He explained what some of those mean in terms of returns on investment and where some of the better advertising opportunities lie.

Wieners largely focused on regulated and unregulated markets, relating to advertising in particular, and how working in these different marketplaces affects advertiser abilities. He spoke of the types of advertising that they can place into the market, as well as the overall costs.

“For gaming brands, one of the most important things is to understand of course the market regulations now regulated versus unregulated markets. Each of these falls into its own unique category and markets where those are regulated generally will have very well documented regulations and rules around how that advertising is going to work, how it can be placed where it can be placed and the types of advertising you can run,” he remarked.

Moreover, Wieners shared that premium industry advertising networks like Google, Yahoo, have very straightforward and clear requirements for gaming operators to fulfil in order to operate and run advertising in certain regulated markets. “The nice thing about those regulated markets is it gives us the ability to directly promote our pay to play platforms,” he observed. 

He noted that platforms like Twitch are starting to really have a significant influence in the gaming world. “In regulated markets, influencers are very generally very clear on what they're able to do or not do, what they can talk about and what will allow them to maintain monetization on their end,” Wieners added.

He shared that tracking return on investment for regulated markets is also much easier. "So basically, if we're able to run advertising directly to pay to play platforms, we can track direct registrations and first-time deposits. If we're talking about gaming, in particular, everything that is done from an advertising perspective is then optimized based on the goals or the KPIs that the platform has set,” explained Wieners. 

Furthermore, he spoke of the challenges that unregulated markets in the APAC have to grapple with in terms of advertising. “When we look at unregulated markets the problem that we have, which, unfortunately, for better or worse, is a very significant portion of Asia Pacific is limited or no documentation and increased legality around gaming.

"Premium networks like Google and Yahoo don’t allow you to run ads in these non-regulated markets like Japan and are incredibly strict with regards to what you can or cannot do. The only way that you can run an ad in Japan for example would be, you'd have to be a licensed operator of say boat racing, horse racing, which is legal to be promoted here online,” said Wieners. He noted that in unregulated markets there's also a lot of confusion because influencers, just like the advertisers, are not necessarily sure what they can and can't do. 

Speaking about affiliate marketing he opined, “Affiliates are important, but understanding the other opportunities that exist in the market, understanding the competitor's keyword ranking in by market and by language to develop your strategy around SEO, and ultimately ROI forecasting is of the essence.”

Wieners shared how businesses can increase their search ranking and ultimately decrease their reliance on paid advertising which is the ultimate goal of SEO. “Understanding metrics across the competition is essential. So not only your own competition but global best practice sites and using platforms to understand, what are they doing, how are they targeting specific search terms, what types of websites are they linking to all these things that matter,” he explained.

His advice on digital marketing techniques to acquire people in Asia was to firstly understand the difference between regulated and unregulated markets, then capitalizing on the opportunities and keeping in mind regulations and social media and leveraging it well. “Create a community that's relevant to your products. You can create an amazing database of leads and utilize influencers well to showcase your platform to the masses,” Wieners suggested.

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