Ipsos-WEF survey finds 62% Indians have positive views about automation

The Global Citizens & Automation Survey by WEF and Ipsos highlights ramifications of Automation on a slew of products and services and its impact on how we work

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Updated: Mar 25, 2019 5:16 PM

Three in 5 Indians (62 per cent) view the impact of Automation positively, giving India the second rank in the pecking order among the 26 markets covered in the survey (surpassed by China, with 64% Chinese endorsing the positive impact of Automation). 

The Global Citizens & Automation Survey by WEF and Ipsos highlights ramifications of Automation on a slew of products and services and its impact on how we work.

“Automation is doing wonders as an enabler and is improving efficiencies at work, in terms of cost and time taken and is redefining how we work. Automated services minus human intervention have become a reality, with high dependence on technology. There can be roadblocks sometimes,” said Anthony D’Souza, Executive Director, Innovation, Ipsos India.  

Products and Services most positively impacted

The verdict from Indians on the most profound impact of Automation on products and services has been on a plethora of them. 69 per cent Indians approve of self-checkout/ check-in/ electronic ordering kiosks at stores, airports, restaurants etc.; 67% Indians feel internet connected appliances and home devices have had a positive impact on people’s lives; 66% approve of internet connected medical devices; 66% espouse benefits of voice recognition assistance (e.g. Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant etc.). 60% approve of customer service online chatbots; 54% are positive of drones and 52% approve of robots. 

Is Automation a Boon or a Threat?
Though the findings underscore the positive rub off of Automation and Indians go ballistic in espousing the benefits of Automation: 74 per cent Indians say automation has improved quality of their work; 73 per cent feel automation has made their job easier; 72 per cent Indians feel automation has transformed their work, what it was 10 years ago; 72 per cent are confident that automation will alter their jobs 10 years hence; 70 per cent Indians feel automation has made their job more interesting; 65 per cent Indians credit automation for reduced risks of injury while working.

On the flip side, across all the 26 markets polled, Indians are most wary of the negative impact of automation – 49 per cent feel that automation is putting their current employment at risk. 43 per cent Saudis and 42 per cent Chinese too seemed worried on the impact of automation. 

Training on new technology and products – how does India stack up?

59% Indians say they have received internal training or education provided by employer for new technology and products; 31% have received external training; while 10% have received none. Interestingly, internal training was reported highest in the markets of India, Peru and Canada; and external training reported most in China, Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil. The survey also probed about training for technical skills - 66% Indians confirmed that their employer provides internal training and education for technical skills, 25% said external training was provided by employer and 9% received no training.      

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