‘In 2020, programmatic advertising will grow via digital, TV & outdoor’

Guest Column: Kosal Malladi, Madison World, General Manager puts down his predictions for 2020

e4m by Kosal Malladi
Published: Jan 10, 2020 8:54 AM  | 2 min read
Kosal Malladi

‘Digital is the next big thing. Digital is the future.’

We have all heard these statements being uttered innumerable number of times over the past decade. Do these statements hold true today? If I were to hazard a guess, 9 out of 10 people reading this article would say that they do not hold true. We are living in the age of Digital today. But today will be yesterday tomorrow. So it will be interesting to see what tomorrow has in store for us.
Now that we got the philosophical spiel out of the way, let us get down to our predictions for 2020.

Avenues to advertise in OTT
Today, a large part of advertising on OTTs (including YouTube) is in the form of video pre-rolls and mid-rolls. We will move beyond vanilla video formats in the coming year. Interactivity will become a key element for advertisers. Basics, in terms of reach and frequency, remain the same. Today, YouTube has introduced formats like True View for Action that are focused primarily at clients looking to drive performance. We will see more such interesting formats, even for advertisers looking to primarily drive brand awareness.

Digital assistants go mainstream
Voice has seen a surge in recent times. As per industry estimates, approximately 50 per cent search traffic will be through voice by 2020. Assistants like Google Home and Alexa are slowly finding their way into homes. There are multiple start-ups like Oakter and HomeMate that are already working towards making regular homes smart. They work with Google Home and Alexa, thereby enabling us to control our homes with our voice. And this trend will only accelerate in the coming year.

Multi-medium advertising via Programmatic
In 2020, Programmatic advertising will grow, not just through digital advertising, but also through TV and Outdoor advertising. Today, we have an estimated 20 million homes that can be targeted through advertising via Smart TVs. DTH players like TATA Sky are launching their connected Set Top boxes. Jio has started their DTH service with a connected Set Top box. This number is only set to grow. Programmatic allows us to target these connected TVs, allowing us to control the visibility of these ads. Even outdoor hoardings can be controlled programmatically today in certain locations. The number of such locations will see a boost in the coming year.

So there you go. If you are reading this at the start of 2020, tell your phone to remind you to revisit this article in a year. It will be interesting to see if the spirit of Nostradamus is alive in my veins as I am penning this article today.

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