How Tiktok added fizz and swag to Pepsi's campaigns

Content is undoubtedly the king but while there is UGC that generates a lot of interest among users, there are also marketing tools that help in accelerating the reach of these campaigns

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Updated: Jun 15, 2020 9:24 AM  | 3 min read
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Any brand looking at expanding their reach outside of metros is now getting on to Tik Tok. Pepsi, like many other major brands, has also taken to the video-sharing social networking platform. But how did TikTok become an important platform for Pepsi to have in their media mix? Perhaps through the whooping 95.5 billion views that the soft drink brand garnered through their user generated content (UGC) on the platform.
It all started towards the end of last year when Pepsi launched their Swag campaign. The campaign included a host of celebrities and their brand ambassador Salman Khan. Be it the Swag StepChallenge, the Har Ghoont mein Swag Hain anthem or the Swag Se Solo campaign-each of the initiative broke records on the platform. The SwagStepChallenge, for instance, saw over 5.4 billion views and over 1,00,000 user-generated videos over a four-day period.
Content is undoubtedly the king but while there is User Generated Content (UGC) that generates a lot of interest among users, there are also marketing tools that help in accelerating the reach of these campaigns.
Talking about the popularity of the platform among advetisers, Sam Singh, Vice-President, Monetization, TikTok India, said, “We are continuously developing advertising models to help marketers build a connection with the users and achieve their marketing goals, besides working on new and trending content. In addition to offering them a diverse user base, spread across India’s vast geographical expanse, our brand-based ads and performance-based solutions also give them an opportunity to connect with audiences that were previously untapped.We work closely with brands to maximize the return on ad spends by using some of our innovative ad formats that they leverage.”
Brand takeover, in-feed native video, top view, brand effect and hashtag challenge are some of the ad formats TikTok offers its brand partners.
So, how did Pepsi’s campaigns engage with audiences on TikTok?
“The campaigns by Pepsi witnessed tremendous success on the platform and multiple elements attributed to its success including TikTok’s impactful ad solution package. UGC has become the new point of entry for first time-internet users in India and brands that are looking to tap into this audience will certainly benefit by being on a platform like TikTok. Our immersive, short-form video format, lets brands express their content and voice creatively to reach new audiences, build brand affinity, and drive traffic off-platform. Furthermore, to ensure that brands are able to connect with their audiences, we have been working very closely with brands to further build on and align their advertising strategies with our proposition,” Singh added.
Pepsi is not the only brand exploring the immense opportunity in UGC, In the last few months Tik Tok has partnered with various brands in the Finance, eCommerce, Internet, FMCG, BFSI and education space and are also constantly attracting brands from different verticals such as retail, automobile and fashion. Kaya, Emami, Oreo, Nivea, Lifebuoy, Apple and Dettol are some of the latest entrants on the Chinese video sharing platform.

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