Here's why Google Ads is the perfect outreach solution for this ed-tech start-up

iDream Education, a social ed-tech start-up, has been using Google Ads to reach schools and foundations that may be interested in using the company's tools and tech solutions for education

e4m by Venkata Susmita Biswas
Updated: Jan 28, 2019 8:16 AM

Google Ads, the original internet advertising tool, has been an ed-tech start-up’s only outreach tool ever since the company began its marketing efforts.

iDream Education is a social ed-tech start-up that enables digital learning to the last-mile rural learners in their language. The start-up created TabLab a tablet-based education interface that can be customised for any specific requirement around personalised digital learning at private or government schools. 

Its co-founders Puneet Goyal and Rohit Prakash began their outreach programme on Google Ads one and a half years ago. Goyal says the duo uses Google products not only for outreach but also for the core tech solution that the company creates because “interface to technology for millions of first-time digital users in the country is largely Google, Android, and Whatsapp. Google and Whatsapp have brought true democratisation of access to the world.” 

Goyal has been using the self-serve Google Ads tool specially focussed on the social sector. “If someone in a remote rural area wants to know if there is an ed-tech tool for their local language, they will need to look up the Internet. Because access to the outside world is largely digital and via Google,” he says, explaining why he chose to use Google Ads to reach out to prospective users in the social sector. “We created Google Ads with local language content - that’s when we started getting genuine enquiries from organisations working on the ground,” he revealed. 

“The consumer is now opting for value-based marketing, they are not looking for push marketing,” says Goyal speaking about iDream Education’s focus on creating and sharing high-quality local language content that explains the value proposition of the company to foundations and schools.  

So far, Goyal has used Google Ads for marketing outreach and Facebook for creating awareness about the digital solutions that iDream Education offers. As the start-up grows, Goyal said he wants to up their content marketing initiatives “by posting really good content aligned with every language and state board in the country.” “We also want to explore possibilities of creating local communities and using these digital tools to create self-supporting communities at the village level so that regular support for the adoption of our tools can be taken up. We wish to use Whatsapp for business for this and explore that opportunity further.”
In terms of the company’s future implementation of digital business solutions, Goyal said that he wants to figure out “How to use Google beyond Ads to create a robust outreach programme and see how to use Facebook for business outreach.”

Goyal said that in the SMB sector, digital offers “the most holistic approach to business growth to an SMB because that’s the only democratic way of getting forward with the larger competitors.” He said that it is one area where SMBs have the advantage of being very nimble and quick as opposed to larger players that will take more time and effort to completely embrace digital. 
“Digital has the advantage of sharing the soul of your SMB with the customer in an affordable way - what more can you ask for,” asked Goyal noting that Digital also offers amazing value for money. 

“The answer to any SMB that’s looking for growth in the next decade is digital,” he said.

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