Fraud detection is a major concern for companies: CEO, Logicserve Digital

Prasad Shejale also tells us that programmatic buying is the biggest driver of change in buying strategies

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Updated: Jun 14, 2018 8:51 AM

Voice technology has brought about welcome changes to the digital marketing industry. Within the next few years, it might become a necessity for SEO as consumers are increasingly getting adapted to voice-enabled devices. Programmatic advertising has also helped brands to overcome many of the problems associated with traditional marketing strategies.

We spoke to Prasad Shejale, CEO & Co- founder of internet marketing company Logicserve Digital, about the evolution of voice-based technologies, fraud detection tools and how AI and MI are enriching programmatic advertising.

Here’s the edited excerpts of the conversation:

How will voice and gesture-based platforms shape up programmatic buying in the future?

We all know how voice technology has brought about changes to the digital marketing industry. Users have quickly adapted themselves to this technology, considering its convenience and ease of use. It is definitely growing at a fast pace. With the sustained growth of voice-enabled devices, it looks like the need of a voice-based platform for buying programmatic inventory will be met soon. I am sure that day is not far when we will see marketers and brands buying programmatic inventory simply with a few voice commands.
On the other hand, gesture-based platforms are still at a very nascent stage. Presently, gesture-based technology is used on a programmatic creative level, and it might take some time for this technology to be utilized for programmatic inventory level.

AR/VR. How do we bid on experiences?

As clutter-breaking ad experiences become critical, AR and VR-based ads are expected to pick up and all innovations these days bid on it strongly.

Looking at the way this technology is progressing, I personally feel that we will see virtual billboards and product placements for AR and VR. The inventory will get generated and sold on the basis of various parameters such as the audience, location, content, context, goal, etc.

How can digital agencies work on fraud detection?

Fraud detection is a major concern for everyone. There are many fraud detection tools and platforms and they are gradually growing their reach in India. A lot of these tool owners are partnering with agencies as well. Also, Google and other market leaders are continuously strengthening their platforms to detect and prevent frauds effectively.
Taking cues from the market leaders, agencies are already partnering with various stakeholders that offer fraud detection solutions. They are following the strategy of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Agencies are well aware of the problem and are definitely taking steps to ensure that it does not escalate to a level that is beyond control.

What is the biggest driver of change in media buying strategies in India?

Media buying is something that cannot be looked at in isolation since both, users and platforms, are collecting a humongous amount of data. Currently, programmatic buying is the biggest driver of change in the buying strategies, as it has added more transparency and real-time measurability to the entire process. In the near future, we will see the amalgamation of data engineering and sciences used in predictive models that can suggest the media mix model purely on the basis of the rich data available with marketers.

How are AI and ML enriching programmatic advertising?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are at the core of programmatic landscape. They are making the ad buying platforms smarter and stronger. While the programmatic platforms will keep enhancing the AI and ML capabilities, brands can effectively leverage it further with the first, second and third-party data that they have. The most efficient skill will certainly be the one where we can have one view for an individual user so as to have personalised communication based on the life stage of the buyer.

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