“Every comment & tweet should translate to revenues”

A digital campaign should be engaging, with a sharp revenue focus, says Sundeep Kapur, Digital Evangelist, NCR Corp

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Updated: Oct 19, 2012 7:31 PM
“Every comment & tweet should translate to revenues”

While brands are bullish on integrating digital in business plans, there is no clarity in terms of what clicks the best. Elements such as ‘Edgerank Algorithm’, ‘Alexa Ranking’, ‘Page Ranking’ have made digital, a subject that brands need to educate themselves in.

According to Sundeep Kapur, Digital Evangelist, NCR Corporation, digital gives an opportunity to observe and interact. Hence, it needs to be used very keenly.

The three main drivers of digital engagement are mobile, e-mail and social. All these drivers help a brand know its consumers and establish personalised relations with them.
In conversation with exchange4media, Kapur simplifies digital marketing and speaks about using digital intelligently, targeting tier II and tier III markets and ensuring campaign effectiveness.

Digital platforms give brands an opportunity to interact with consumers on a personal level. Do you think brands are working intelligently in terms of delivering the right content?
In a perfect world, I would segment my consumers because it helps me know what exactly people are looking for. The key according to me is segmenting the consumers in various groups, so that I can come up with the right message for the right kind of people. Social and digital allow you to have personalised interactions with your consumers. It allows you to test and try. At times, due to the pressure of ‘likes’, message tends to get diluted. Thus, basically what brands have to understand is that they cannot give the same offer or the same content to everybody.

Can you share how brands can measure digital effectiveness, as today there is no common currency or matrix in the industry?
My first suggestion to brands would be to determine what their campaign message or goal is. Once the campaign goal is written out, brands should look at what are the tactical things that can be done to attain that goal.

There are three broad aspects through which performance can be measured. First is engagement matrix – brands need to focus on how engaging their campaign is. Second is cost reduction matrix – is your digital plan helping minimise cost and maximise output. And third, associate with revenues – is every ‘like’, share, comment and tweet translating into revenues.
While e-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds in India, it is still to pick pace in tier II and tier III cities. Please share your views on this?
These days sophistication is driven by consumers. The consumers are the ones who have smarter device and are in the position to take decisions. They are the ones who now questioning why they are not getting certain services. If I make life easy for consumers, why will they not want it?

It is just a matter of time. Consumers are now educating themselves about digital and also enjoy the convenience it provides. There are three things that will develop very soon in all the cities – mobile money payment, mobile authentication, and use of mobile for digital receipts.

Indian consumers are still apprehensive about using e-commerce portals. Do you think good digital marketing can break these barriers?
We have a very intelligent market which is driven by mobile. If the brand creates certain elements that substitute the need of touch and feel, a lot of barriers can be broke. While e-commerce cannot provide the touch and feel element they can create a visual treat for their consumers.

First of all, brands need to make sure they build the trust factor. The consumers should know they will not be cheated. Secondly, they need to provide convenience. If the consumer knows that purchasing online will save up on a lot of time and energy, they are more likely to use it. And lastly, follow up. E-commerce sites have to take feedback from consumers and make sure these comments and responses are being taken into consideration. The consumers have to know there is someone who is listening.

Please share five tips that can help brands create an effective digital campaign?
Trust, convenience, feedback, visual treat and guarantee, according to me, are the five pillars of a good digital campaign.

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