"Digital marketing is about implementing and get going"

Marketers today are looking at digital as one of the strongest ways to create a more competitive advantage for their company and also building greater customer affinity

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Updated: Feb 13, 2014 9:10 AM
"Digital marketing is about implementing and get going"

With the advent of new media and increase in internet penetration, marketing has been radicalised.

Marketers today are looking at digital advertising and marketing as one of the strongest ways to create a more competitive advantage for their company and for building greater customer affinity. But are all marketers equipped with right skills? Is the youth equipped to handle challenges that accompany a career in digital marketing?

exchange4media spoke to a few digital marketing experts to understand what it takes to become a digital marketer.

Amit Mishra, Product & Community Manager, InfoEdge India (Naukri.com) said, “Digital has certainly become a must have for marketing professionals, as internet has become one of the prominent marketing platforms today. Doing a relevant course helps to acquire in-depth knowledge of digital as a marketing medium, it helps in improving present knowledge; getting acquainted with the kind of profilesone may want to pursue.”

His sentiments are echoed by Pradeep Chopra, CEO & Co-founder, Digital Vidya, who said, “Based on our experience with over 3000 marketers, whom we have trained over four years, any marketer or an entrepreneur, who is serious about leveraging digital marketing should consider educating himself/ herself through a course covering its key aspects. While there’s no substitute for experience, a practical course can significantly reduce the learning curve, considering the dynamic nature of digital media.”

The level of expertise one can obtain upon doing a course is still debatable. Chopra said, “A hands-on course helps, but it doesn’t make someone an expert. Interestingly, many of our in-house training sessions have led to defining or refining Digital Marketing strategy for our clients.”

Mishra added here, “Most of the institutes help in just basic awareness and little application. So, it matters that one stays updated, as the platform is evolving pretty fast.”

The most important factor that needs to be looked at is cost-efficiency, effectiveness and the reach that the medium provides. Fifty per cent of the marketers have started spending on the medium. But are they spending wisely?

Ratan KK, Entrepreneur & Founder Associate’09, GutsGo eMarketing said, “Digital marketing emerged a decade back, but only a few businesses and brands had their strategies right. For me, digital marketing is all about doing. If a training program gets you into doing digital marketing, that is the one you should opt for.”

While anyone can build a great career in digital marketing, experts say the hierarchy more or less involves executive, manager, senior manager, AVP/VP and Head.

Challenges, opportunities and the way forward
With increase in the internet users, the debate is about the accuracy and truthfulness in which the medium has been utilised. With the kind of issues rising in the media about the frauds and fake ID or account, it has become crucial to get things right before getting started with the online medium.

On the other hand, whether digital training institutes will be able to carve a niche program for marketers which will help them in the development of their career, time will only say. Change is the way forward and with digital medium steadily eating into the pie of traditional media, time has come that marketer should look into the medium seriously and understand the nuances of the medium.

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