D-CODE: Partnership among teams is key in digital, say marketing leaders

The Ad Club's inaugural annual Digital Review: D-CODE showcased some of the best case studies in digital marketing in the recent past

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Updated: Aug 2, 2018 2:34 PM

When 11 stalwarts from the media and marketing fraternity come together to share their insights and learnings on digital marketing, the last thing you expect to take back are the wise words of wisdom that no one really knows what digital is and what it can do; everyone is still groping in the dark.

"If anyone tells you that they understand digital, they are kidding themselves," said Anuradha Agarwal, CMO, Marico.

On Wednesday, The Ad Club's inaugural annual Digital Review: D-CODE showcased some of the best case studies in digital marketing in the recent past and leaders in the arena shared their tips based on their experiments with digital. The overarching theme of the evening was the power of digital to scale up campaigns and bring real-world outcomes for clients.

Here's what marketing leaders at the event had to say about the digital ecosystem:

Sapna Chadha, Head of Marketing, Google India Southeast Asia

The diversity of our user base is so significant. And it is true that one size can’t fit all. You need to build brand love with consumers in a way that resonates across all. For us, the challenge in India was that people do not use Google maps every day. People did not understand maps and its features. So we created a campaign and spent 80 per cent of our budget on digital. And we made sure that it showed the product magic coming to life.

Tips to crack the D-code:

Partnerships on digital are really key. You have to make tech not feel like tech or make digital not feel like digital. Take all the learnings we have from traditional and build it here as well. It is very important to build brand love for digital. In today's day and age, something we think a lot about at Google, is inclusion and making sure we bust biases. You can build brand love in a way which is provocative, and that will build your brand.

Siddharth Banerjee, EVP, Marketing, Vodafone

If you’re doing branded content, you need to ask yourself whether the content will be valuable if the brand wasn’t there? 

The first enabler to understanding consumers, appealing to them in a relevant manner and being able to provide for their needs is data. To pull all the data that exists for the consumer together is the first enabler. The second is to be able to listen real-time to consumers. Listen to what they are saying, what they are searching and what are the category keywords that keep popping up. This will enable you to respond real-time by creating content real-time and addressing issues real-time.

Tips to crack the D-code: Think about ‘make for digital’ creative and native assets that will increase your brand consideration and consumer engagement. It’s about looking at ways to organise ourselves with a start-up mindset. Can we look at a way of operating that is interdependent, fast and reduces the time taken? It’s not about long product-cycles, but trying to shorten it as much as we can by making different people sit in agile teams and ensuring barriers are unlocked with inter-functional teams. It’s also about the way we organise ourselves when we look at responding to consumers in a world gone digital. 

When it comes to voice AI, the compelling question for us is what is the voice of your brand? If the consumer chooses to interact with our chatbots, what would be our voice? If you had to respond to the consumer, what would be your voice?” 

Anuradha Agarwal, CMO, Marico

Digital is a process, a juggernaut which is changing every minute of every day. It’s complex and competitive. But my client is small and my consumer isn’t digitally literate. Sometimes an idea starts at desire. I don’t think it starts from awareness or interest anymore. How do you build brands from scratch when it’s really tiny, you don’t have money, when not everybody is interested in the category you are selling in and when you don’t own the medium and scale?

The idea of #metoo campaign is 10 years old and was started by African women. It came of age only when people formed commonality across the world and what an amazing tribe it became. But one tribe that has got my attention is Korean pop. There is a Korean pop band that has 11 million followers on Twitter. It’s a phenomena that’s sweeping the world. It inspired us to do it for one of our brands called Livon. So ditch the TG and embrace the tribe. When tribe starts getting formed, they create their own momentum.

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