Congress spending big on social media campaigns

The party is believed to be spending close to 70 per cent of its campaign budget on social media, according to sources

e4m by Tasmayee Laha Roy
Updated: Mar 29, 2019 8:41 AM

With Lok Sabha elections just days away, the Congress is pulling no punches when it comes to campaigning on social media. The party has gone all out against the BJP-led government across various social media platforms.

A source familiar with the developments told exchange4media that the party is spending more than Rs 200 crore on their social media campaign this poll season.

“The social media budget for the party has gone up by at least 10 times against that of 2014 elections. There are places in the country where there isn’t adequate water supply but there is internet. The party doesn’t want to lose out on any of these voters,” the source said.

The Congress has chosen three companies Niksun, Silver Push and Design Boxed to run its media, outdoor and social media campaign. As per latest development, Percept has also been added to the list.

According to experts, social media is the most important campaign tool this election season.

Naval Seth, Deputy Head at Emkay Global, says, “Social media as a medium has changed a lot since 2014. The battle on social media has gone a lot bigger because the medium has the strength to create more involvement in shorter span of time. Hence, it only makes sense for any party to invest in it.”

According to Adhvith Dhuddu, CEO of creative ad tech agency AliveNow, all major political parties are spending massively on social media given the deeper reach and influence of these platforms.

“Another huge reason for the importance of social media is that these platforms have an advantage that TV doesn't, which is setting the narrative and spreading the message,” he added.

Dhuddu says that it is not just Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are important. WhatsApp, ShareChat and TikTok are some other platforms that are quite important.

Coming back to Congress’ social media strategy, the campaigns on social media would be a combination of videos, graphics, songs and of course hasthags. The theme of most of these properties would be a balanced mix of pro-Congress and anti-BJP content.

“After their #ShutTheFakeUp campaign that got thousands of mentions from the citizens and also from the party leaders, it is clear that such campaigns on social media is a hit. There will be at least 10 more such social media campaigns coming up in the next 55 days,” said the source.

“Instagram is the game changer this voting season. Though the maximum votes come from Facebook, the platform has got a lot of other content too. Instagram has only pictures and pictures have a long lasting effect on people’s mind. Candid pictures of candid moments work very well and Instagram is the best medium to flash it as it doesn’t have any other distractions like Facebook,” he added.

Alongside Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter the party will soon start direct calling campaign too.

Talking of videos that are again a focus area for the party in their social media campaign, videos between 1 minute and 5 minutes are being made depending on the platform they are being made for. Anywhere between Rs 25000 and Rs5 lakh is being spent on each video depending on the talent and infrastructure being used on the video. 

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