Communicate 2 handling social media presence of Casino Royale Goa

Search marketing firm Communicate 2 forays into social media marketing, launches Facebook campaign for Casino Royale Goa. 

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Updated: Jun 3, 2011 2:49 PM
Communicate 2 handling social media presence of Casino Royale Goa

Digital strategy company Communicate 2 has made its foray into social media marketing for Casino Royale Goa. The agency created a landing page on Facebook for the casino and in just a couple of months has built up a community of 50,000 fans.

Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate 2, said, “We’ve done a lot more work with search marketing, but our goal has always been to enable marketers to reach out to the audience on platforms which have dynamic pricing and effective measurability. The marketer should be able to fully understand the value of their spend, and today, social media also meets these criterion.”

For Casino Royale, Communicate 2 is running their Facebook presence, with a strong emphasis on content creation for the page, which they believe generates value for the casino. Bhargava said, “If a brand puts a percentage of their spend towards creation of content, it will generate more value for their paid media, than if they put the entire spend towards paid media. This is true not just for social media, but also for search marketing, and any form of digital marketing.”

He added, “For Casino Royale, they are a casino with a single physical location. Unlike an online casino which can be reached very easily, or a chain of hotels with locations around the world, for a single location to be marketed effectively is difficult. That’s why we believed that social media works best. We have engaged people by creating content and conversation, which also helps with their SEO strategy. So today, they offer content such as how to play Zynga Poker.”

By creating such content, the goal for Casino Royale is to create a digital presence which is frequently updated with “quality” content, helping their SEO along with building engagement. By doing this, there are twofold benefits, according to Bhargava. He said, “Social media is great for feedback and building awareness, but search is where they are making the decisions. However, with social we have a lot of player data while search doesn’t collect too much information, only intent. In the decision making process, Facebook represents awareness, and Google action. Both have to work together to get the best results.” 

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