CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar to release 6th rap single ‘Vardaan’ across all platforms

Asia’s numero uno YouTuber stated that 2020 got him thinking about his early teenage years and how he climbed the ladder of success despite all the odds & the backlash

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Updated: Jan 19, 2021 2:28 PM
Vardaan - CarryMinati

Having wrapped up the first schedule of the upcoming thriller-drama ‘Mayday’, Asia’s numero uno YouTuber and also an avid rapper, CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar is gearing up to release his 6th rap single titled ‘Vardaan’ that releases today across all major streaming platforms.

The inspirational track dishes out life lessons for young teenagers embarking on their grown-up journey. Nagar is seen touching upon a plethora of emotions that an average teenager experiences whilst transitioning from the adolescent to the adulting stage, right from seeking validation from family and peers about their choices to sacrificing dreams and passions due to lack of access to the right kind of education and guidance. With this track, Nagar assumes the moniker of a true modern-age motivational coach encouraging his legion of fans to fervently pursue their calling and take inspiration from his personal life story. 

Written & performed by Ajey Nagar, the music is composed by Nagar’s older brother Yash Nagar a.k.a. Wily Frenzy, managed by Deepak Char, while the music video directed by Dhruv Sachdeva and Clifford Afonso is conceptualised by Humour Me Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Arctic Fox.

CarryMinati animatedly states, “2020 got me thinking about a lot of things, including my early teenage years and how I climbed the ladder of success despite all the odds and the backlash. Last year was quite disheartening in a lot of ways, so I thought I’d kickstart 2021 on a more encouraging note by giving out a strong positive message. This track is a dedication to all the young minds out there to not pay heed to the opinions of those who don’t matter. This is my story of the trials and tribulations I faced on the journey of pursuing my passion and I hope my humble effort will inspire the youth in some way.” 

Wily Frenzy states, “2020 was like a doom year that ruffled quite a few feathers. For Carry and me personally when the YouTube VS TikTok row happened, it was such an emotional moment but then we didn’t take defeat and created Yalgaar as a retort. We decided that this year, it will be no different and we will not shy away from being our most authentic selves and fuel the spirt of those who seek some motivation to go the unconventional way with our track Vardaan. I hope this track inspires listeners to heal and get back on track with their lives as in the end it's all about rising above the storm like a warrior phoenix!”

In the past, Gen Z’s favourite social media icon has dropped rap singles like ‘Yalgaar’, ‘Zindagi’, ‘Trigger’, ‘Warrior’, ‘Bye Pewdiepie’ and featured in Salim-Sulaiman’s ‘Date Karle’ 

CarryMinati started making videos on YouTube when he was 10. At 21, he has over 28 million subscribers on YouTube, which is among the highest in South Asia. In 2019, he was the only Indian to be listed in Time Magazine's ‘Top 10 Next Generation Leaders' and only Indian to collab with and interview Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill to help promote their film Mission: Impossible-Fallout. 

Wily Frenzy is a 23-year-old upcoming DJ and music producer with a specialisation in audio engineering from I Love Music Academy, music production from Kamp1 School Of Music and Universal School Of Music, Australia. He started his music career at the age of 20 years in 2017 performing in nightclubs across Delhi NCR while he pursued his event management internship during the day. In 2019 he became more consistent in his music endeavours and teamed up with CarryMinati and has since worked on rap singles like ‘Warrrior’, ‘Yalgaar’, ‘Zindagi’ and his independent singles ‘Bora Bora’, ‘Shrankhala’, ‘GAARA’, ‘Hermes’, ‘DROGGO’, ‘ROAR’ and  ‘Win This Tonight’

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