Agencies that are well-embedded in the digital system are poised to grow: Saurabh Kumar, Director - Envigo Digital

A chat with Saurabh Kumar, Director - Envigo Digital on trends across the digital marketing sector and the new age tools for better ROI.

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Updated: Sep 19, 2017 7:53 PM

Full service digital-marketing agency, Envigo has recently executed a renewal of a year-long digital mandate with The agency has been providing strategic counsel and executing campaigns for brands to boost visibility and conversion across relevant touch points.

In a chat with exchange4media, Saurabh Kumar, Director - Envigo Digital opened up on creating engagement across segments and customers across geographies, trends across the digital marketing sector, and the new age tools for better ROI, among other things. Edited excerpts below:

How do you think are digital agencies poised to grow in the INR 20,000 crore industry?

The 20,000 number cropped up a year ago. So what has happened is that digital is becoming mainstream. I think that very soon there won’t be a digital marketing function but there will be a marketing function where there will be specialists for various parts of digital and even traditional media. So as corporates embrace digital and make it more mainstream, agencies are well embedded in this sea stand to grow in various ways. About 3-4 years ago we had to go and convince a client on adopting marketing automation but today it is the other way round. Because of this mainstream adoption, agencies that are well-embedded in the system are poised to grow. The second is that the pace of change will lead to very specialist and niche agencies also to grow.

How is Envigo creating engagement across segment and customers across geographies?

We have various offerings like paid advertising which has a lot of innovation around it on how we creatively use platforms. So we are able to track the customer across his various touch points. So if he comes to the website and just looks at a product and engages with the product or website on a mobile app then we customise a message and send it to him on an email which we say is the third medium. So this cross-platform, multi-point marketing is something that we are practicing to ensure interest, engagement and ultimately conversion.

Automation and data analytics are going to be the focus areas for marketers and agencies in the next three years. So how is Envigo bridging the gap?

We are investing in certain tools of our own which we are developing in-house for both automation and data-analytics. So on the automation front, we have created our own virtual automation platform through which we are able to automatically assign tasks like creating a Facebook page or it gets assigned to the Google advert engine. So the marketer gets one platform and behind that multiple humans and other agencies are doing the work. Also a single person visits multiple channels. So we are doing a lot of data integration work in which we are able to access the same customer across multiple platforms and then give a single view to the marketer.

What do you think are the trends across the digital marketing sector and the new age tools for better ROI?

Until 3 years ago, there was a lot of focus on performance-based marketing and advertising and after that there was a lot activity on social media. Now as the cost of advertising has gone up so one thing which people are focussing on is how to increase returns from the same level of customers. Conversion rate optimisation, marketing automation, and personalisation are the new trends that will keep people occupied for the next two years or so. Talking about ROI, we personally leverage the marketing automation tool created by Envigo called Ibism  to streamline our processes. The second good tool for cross-platform personalization is called Mautic.

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