Affiliate Marketing is at the core of Admitad: CEO Neha Kulwal

Neha Kulwal, CEO, Admitad, talks about the future of affiliate marketing and the company's growth over the years

by Anam Khan
Published - 15-March-2018
In a short span of two years, Admitad India has earned the reputation of being one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing companies in India. Neha Kulwal, CEO, Admitad India is delighted with the firm's progress and said, "In comparison to last year, the company has seen a 200 percent growth in terms of revenue. Now after reaching a certain level, we are looking for 35 percent growth YOY."

Admitad India is also bringing the concept ofAdmitad Expert, the first conference to solely focus on Advertisers and Publishers to India. All set to be held in April this year, exchange4media met up with Neha Kulwal, CEO, Admitad India to know more the future plans of the company and the growing affiliate marketing business in India.

Referring to the future of affiliate marketing, Kulwal said, "Affiliate marketing constitutes to about 10-15 percent of the overall sales of any brand. Though a small percentage, its importance can be seen with own affiliate marketing programs."


How was Black-Friday sales for 2017? Also, what are your expectations from the Black Friday sales this year?

Being a global network, Black-Friday and Chinese New Year have become important events for us. We have shared the analysis for these sales on our official blog also witness a mark reach of both the sales in India market during 2017. Black-Friday sales are big in the European markets and are usually clubbed with Christmas and New Year shopping.

People go crazy about this sale and it offers humongous discounts on electronics, apparels, home appliances etc. Though this culture is now coming to the Asian markets, the gap is huge with Chinese New Year sales being almost 10 times bigger than that of Black Friday. India too is catching-up on this trend with many retailers offering Black-Friday discounts along with many other sales in 2017.

Affiliate market is driven by the model of sales and coupons, cash-back, deal comparison and more. So, the moment we bombard these offers, they reach a wider audience and thus, result in higher sales for our clients.

How do you see the affiliate marketing platforms evolving with the maturity of AI technology?

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of businesses nowadays. A lot of DSPs and DMP are based on AI and now it's not just about easy marketing.
To understand the customer, knowing their habits is becoming crucial for sales. From identifying where is he coming from, what are his intentions and his buying behaviours, all lead to pursuing him to buy the product. Thus, AI is coming up with solutions that help play an important part in collating this data.

For example, for e-commerce sites analysis of what kind of customers they are getting, their browsing habit, when they add a product to the cart or leave a transaction mid-way gives them the intelligence to reach the right customer. Thus, AI is becoming important for affiliate marketing too.

How much do these partnerships help in reaching the revenue target goals?

Partnerships are important to reach our target. Being a global network, we have partners from across the world because of our global reach. By implementing our technology, companies can work seamlessly on a single platform. Let's take an example of Shein, a Chinese brand, that is penetrating in the Indian market. This cross-border trade has become very important for a global network like Admitad India. Also, we are not covering only APAC or India moreover we are covering the global market.

Will we see the arm of Admitad extending to digital start-ups other than CPA marketing this year?

Affiliate marketing is the core of Admitad India and anything which relates to affiliate marketing represents us. We are an international affiliate network that creates customized affiliate programs for our clients. These ROI-based campaigns can be devised for both mobile and desktop. While we do branding campaigns for our clients, our focus is still on generating sales for them, which is the CPA market.

Please tell us, about Admitad Expert India!

Admitad Expert India is the first edition of the internationally renowned business event, organized annually by Admitad. Admitad Expert represents the series of events internationally organized by Admitad since 2015 across various countries like Russia, Ukraine, and others where the company has a presence.

It is an apt platform to learn about business insights, discuss effective strategies and industry trends, and share information on the new products and developments. Another unique feature of the Admitad Expert India conference is the prospect to organize trilateral meetings between advertisers, publishers, and Admitad representatives.

How is Admitad leveraging its marketing strategies to reach out to customers?

For affiliate marketing, Admitad India offers a lot of tools for advertisers and publishers. They are for retargeting, for giving offers or deals, or tool which can give you notifications. For affiliate marketing, technology plays an important role. Thus as a practice, we keep updating it and being a global network, we have our own technology which gives us a competitive edge over other networks in India or other countries.

We also host many conferences in which we meet and communicate with our publishers and advertisers. We keep these meetings tri-lateral thus, keeping it transparent for everyone. For us, technology, transparency and communication are very important. Our soon to be held conference, Admitad Expert is an extension of our many successful seminars.

How are you planning to explore the Indian market this year?

It's been more than two years for us in India. We have exclusive accounts of some companies like Decathlon, Jockey Etc. Even on visiting the website of Jockey, you‘ll notice that it mentions the affiliate program is of Admitad. Since, our industry has seen fraudulent activities by some networks, with many tools for brand safety, we are now looking forward to work exclusively with brands. This way, a transparency is maintained, and the brands have the knowledge of whatever ads are running.

What are your plans for 2018?

The biggest things we’re focusing on right now are international and cross- trade campaigns. So, we’re looking out for new business opportunities in China or MENA region. Any clients who are looking for Indian traffic or market, we help them to grow in India. This is our focus for 2018 and we have already begun operations with a lot of clients. For more updates, be socially connected with us on
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