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MGID is dedicated to providing publishers with the best solutions to monetize their content and audiences

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Published: Apr 19, 2021 5:57 PM  | 4 min read

In today’s digital world, online publishers play a very important role in enabling the consumption of content and information. The technologies and strategies used by publishers to acquire new users and monetize content are constantly evolving, and with this, new trends as well as innovations are seen in the form of digital ad formats. From moving to a responsive webpage and interactive apps to integrating ads that have a higher degree of contextual relevance, increase user engagement and tackle banner blindness, there are more factors in play today that affect publisher revenue.

MGID, one of the leading global AdTech Platforms, is dedicated to providing publishers with the best solutions to monetize their content and audiences. For publishers there can be multiple streams of revenues out of which two are major contributors – subscription from users and revenue from monetization. Partnering with MGID allows publishers to unlock maximum potential of their website traffic by earning higher CPMs for premium inventory and increase in revenue through better inventory management, without compromising on user experience.

An approach such as native advertising allows publishers to earn more while keeping user experience in focus. Native ads match the page content and layout and therefore are consumed more naturally by a user. The primary solution for monetization using native ads is a content recommendation widget. MGID has worked extensively on customizing its content recommendation widget to make it compatible for AMP, progressive web apps and single page applications among other formats.


MGID has also developed a dedicated solution – Native Yield Optimisation, which aids publishers in serving multiple ad formats in a single ad placement. Native Yield Optimisation allows automatic selection of ad type for placement, enabling publishers to boost the value of their inventory and enhance user experience on the website. The AI-based algorithm incorporates both direct and programmatic demand and optimizes the placement’s efficiency for the publisher and for its audience. MGID’s cross-format yield optimization among native, display and video within one placement guarantees the highest CPM for the publisher and the best user experience for their audiences.  Also, and most importantly, the platform takes utmost care that the users’ data is protected.


MGID has a bouquet of other innovative solutions for publishers who are looking to improve their user acquisition, viewability and revenue. Smart Widget and In-content impact widgets have been seen a growing acceptance among the pool of publishers who partner with MGID. Smart widget is a feed with various ad formats (native ads, IAB display units, native video) that combines internal content with the sponsored content. Also, this widget has a high CTR due to higher user engagement provided by internal recirculation and video solution.

In-content Impact is dedicated to showing ad content from a single brand, assuring higher viewability and reach for the brand’s ad which results in higher viewable CPMs. The widget is designed to blend seamlessly with the website environment as it has advanced algorithms that automatically adjust the colour scheme of the block and size of an advertisement to the appearance on any website and device. This advertising format has a unique layout and structure. In addition to the standard copy and thumbnail, it contains the extra text block with a description or preview and the large CTA button with text. Thus, there is more creative freedom to trigger engagement with the audience.


The digital world is constantly changing, and to maximize their revenue potential publishers need partners who are not only aware of what’s trending in this domain but can adapt and pioneer new concepts as well as approaches. MGID, through its proven track record, has shown that they are innovators and have the ability to address all concerns and KPIs that publishers have in mind. Their technology fuels delivery of content for publishers with a deep understanding of the audience and optimises the path that connects the two with advertisers. By partnering with MGID, publishers will be able to retain control of their audience as they maximise inventory potential, enhance audience connection and design effective strategies to get new users.

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