23 actionable strategies to engage and grow your Facebook group in 2021

Convosight breaks down how the best of the best Facebook groups grow in value

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Published: Jan 15, 2021 5:11 PM  | 13 min read

Do you want to grow your Facebook group like this?

You sure can! Not just in number, but also in terms of the value you provide to the members.


This article will not only help you grow your Facebook group organically but also keep it active and engaged.


As you read ahead, you'll know about:

  • 10 actionable strategies on how to grow a Facebook group fast
  • 13 strategies to increase your Facebook group engagement


Before starting, we'd like to share with you how some of the most valuable Facebook groups are doing it.


So, here it goes.


4 best Facebook groups that will leave you inspired with their growth


These communities are not only massive in size but also offer tremendous value to their members.


  1. Baby Destination ( Over 2 million members)


What started as a WhatsApp group in 2017, is the largest parenting community today with over 2 million members across 30 Facebook groups.


How did they grow alongside providing value to the members?


  • Named the groups using this formula: Pain point / Passion area + Target audience
  • Created very high-value content
  • Segmented groups based on key issues
  • Highly moderated content discussions
  • Referrals by existing members (or what we call word of mouth)
  • Used Facebook page and ads to amplify their voice


  1. SuperMom (200,000+ members)



While Baby Destination formed its Facebook groups based on members' issues, SuperMom created its Facebook groups based on mommies' estimated delivery dates. (even sharper segmentation)


So, each of these Facebook groups caters to mommies' issues with babies of different age groups.


How did they grow alongside providing value to the members?


  • Segmented Facebook groups based on babies' age and provided massive value
  • Personal attention to all member queries
  • Partnered with the biggest brands in Singapore for the best deals and offers
  • Hosted the biggest baby fairs in Singapore, enhancing their brand value
  • Used Facebook page and ads to amplify their voice



  1. On a budget ( 4 million+ members)


On a budget is one of the largest Facebook groups that share tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas across different categories like DIY, gardening, crafts, cleaning, cooking, parenting, travel, and fashion and beauty.


How did they grow alongside providing value to the members?


  • Provided high value by segmentation
  • Very high-value content in all Facebook groups
  • Highly moderated discussions
  • Partnerships with the biggest brands in the DIY segment



  1. Search English (2.9 million members)


Through their public Facebook groups, Search English intends to help people develop high proficiency in English writing and have a better life and career.


How did they grow alongside providing value to the members?


  • Created Public groups thus leveraging the full power of Facebook reach (yes Facebook gives a higher reach to public groups)
  • Very high-value content
  • Highly moderated discussions



That's how the best are doing it.


It's time we share with you 10 simple yet highly effective ways that will help you grow your Facebook group in no time.




How to grow your Facebook group? 10 proven strategies


Follow these tips to grow your Facebook group fast while providing value to the members.


  1. Choose a Facebook group name that resonates with your audience


A Facebook group name is the first thing people come across, especially when Facebook suggests your group organically to the people who are likely to join it.


After seeing the Facebook group name, they decide whether or not they will join a Facebook group.


If they feel the group will meet their needs or provide them with some value, they will join it. It's as simple.


Sharing with you a formula for naming your Facebook groups. It is:


Pain Point/ Passion Area + Target Group


It has worked wonders for all Facebook groups of Baby Destination. Check out this article on how you can use the right naming strategy to get high organic growth.


  1. Segment and create more focussed groups to provide more value


Just how Baby Destination and SuperMoms did.


Home Remedies for babies and moms was the first Facebook group of Baby Destination. As it started to grow and mommies kept engaging, the admins realised that moms started to discuss nutrition and food recipes for kids.


Since they did not want to deviate from the group theme, they created another Facebook group, i.e. Kids Nutrition and Recipes, which today is the largest parenting community in India.

  1. Create a Public Facebook group


To leverage the massive reach and high impact Facebook gives to public groups, we'd suggest you create one.


Not just that, Facebook also recently announced some amazing features for public groups, including the Brand Collab Manager that will help admins earn.


If you want to create a Facebook group on education, sports, health etc. then a public Facebook group is your best bet.


If you want to create a Facebook group like parenting where a lot of personal information sharing will happen, you should refrain from choosing it.


To know more about public and private Facebook groups, check out this blog: Public vs Private Facebook group: Which one to choose?


  1. Collaborate with communities in same/different niche


This is a great way to not only grow your Facebook group fast but also keep it active and engaged.


You can either form an alliance with communities in your own niche or choose the one that complements yours.


For example, if you have a parenting community you can collaborate with both health, food groups. If you have a food group, you can partner with a fitness group.


Once you do, you can host competitions, giveaways, do live sessions in each others' groups, create a combined pitch deck, reach out to brands together, and so much more.


The idea is to explain why the other group is great, and the value members will get on joining.


  1. Host sessions with the top contributors of your group


Identify the most engaged people in your community, reach out to them personally, and ask why they are a part of your community. And what according to them is the best thing about the community.


Encourage them to share the same with their own social network (on all channels). And, if they have a good following, your Facebook group will grow in no time.


  1. Encourage existing members to invite their friends & family


But don't do it just for the sake of it. It should flow naturally.


Like, you can conduct competitions and games where you ask members to invite more members in your Facebook group.


If those games and competitions are interesting for your members, they will be more than happy to invite their family and friends, helping your group grow.


  1. Create a Facebook page to expand your reach


The content posted on a Facebook page is visible to all, unlike in private Facebook groups where only members can access the content.


So, if you own a private Facebook group, it's a great idea to create a Facebook page and share some meaningful content there. Like, you can share videos of your live sessions.


This way, people outside the group can see the value you are providing in there. If they like it, they will likely join.


  1. Check your group health constantly


Until you know what's not working in your community, you won't be able to improve and double down on your efforts.


Some of the metrics you should track are:


  1. Engagement Rate: It is the average actions done by per member per month in your community.


  1. Activity Rate: It is the average number of comments and reactions per post per month in your Facebook group.


While these are just 2 metrics that explain about your community's health, there are a few others you should track. To track the engagement of your group in detail, use tools like Convosight that help you get a daily summary of what is happening in your community.


  1. Create highly relevant and valuable content


When you share with members the information they want, they will surely engage.

In fact, they will spread the word in their network about the value they are getting from your Facebook group, helping it grow.


  1. Higher the group engagement, higher the group growth


Here's how it works.


When your group members are constantly engaging in your community, your Facebook group tends to rank higher in the search results.


Because Facebook thinks your group is providing value and people will be interested in joining it.


So, when people come across your group, they will likely join.


Now sharing the strategies that you must implement to increase your Facebook group engagement.


13 proven tactics that increase Facebook group engagement


  1. Organise games and reward members


Who doesn't like to play games, especially when there's an enticing reward!


From virtual tambola to quiz, you can opt for it all, no matter what category your Facebook group belongs to.


For the same, create a really attractive announcement post, then another one to explain the game's rules.

Be rest assured your members will not only engage but also participate and have fun!


  1. Host contests and offer giveaways


Just like games, people love to be a part of contests. Simply because it's a great way to showcase their skill and gain recognition. And a cool giveaway is like an icing on the cake!


Below are some interesting competition ideas for you. These have worked amazingly well in all Facebook groups.


  1. Live cooking contest (if you have a food group)
  2. 3 ingredients recipe contest (if you have a food group)
  3. Makeup with 4 products contest (if you have a female-only group)
  4. Members got talent (Just like India's Got Talent for groups of all categories)


  1. Go Live


Facebook live sessions are a great way to build a personal rapport with your group members.


When you go live to discuss their pain points and offer them a solution, they feel valued and cared. And that's what members long for in a closed cohort.


However, do ensure that you announce your live session well in advance so that members join it on time.


A tip: Conduct a poll in the community asking members about their preferred time for joining a live session.


  1. Use content formats your members engage with


Plain text post, videos, and images: All of these content formats work equally well in the community, that's not necessary!


You have to identify the one that members engage with the most and double down on it.


  1. Post when your members are most active

Do you know your post does not even reach the members at times? Thanks to the Facebook algorithm, which buries it in the sea of posts!


To stay on top of that, you need to post at the times when your members are most active.

You can either figure it out by looking at Facebook group insights or post through the tool I've talked about at the end.


The latter guarantees at least 50% higher than average engagement!


  1. Track the right Facebook group engagement metrics to know when something is not working


As mentioned in the 8th point under strategies to grow your Facebook group, keeping a tab on your engagement metrics and checking your group health is a must.


Unless you know about the things that are/are not working in your group, you won't know what and how to improve.


  1. Create a welcome post for your Facebook group


This one works like a charm!


Welcome new members in the group once every week and make sure to tag them in that post. They will definitely engage with it.


Do not forget to list down the current happenings in your group that will benefit the new members.


Also, encourage existing members to create a welcoming atmosphere by engaging on that post.


  1. Create content around your member’s conversations


People join a Facebook group for mainly two reasons: to get solutions for their problems and form connections.


So, whatever it is they are talking about (either their problems or sharing something positive), you must keep a tab on that.

See what type of conversations your members are into. Analyse the pattern and then create highly valuable content around it.


This will increase the engagement and in turn, lead to your group's growth (thanks to word of mouth).


  1. Eliminate SPAM


Keeping your Facebook group spam-free is one of the most important but the hardest things to do.


The Keyword Alerts feature of Convosight (the first-ever community management platform) keeps Facebook group admins on top of spam.


You need to mark the keywords that are spam for your group. You will be notified whenever any member uses them and will be able to take action from then and there.


  1. Reshare your most engaging posts


You have new members joining in every week and obviously don't know about the previous months' conversations.


Resharing the most engaging posts from the months prior is a good way to bring up those conversations, provide value to the new members, and increase your Facebook group's engagement.


The Post Analytics feature of Convosight tells you about the top posts across all the content formats you are using in the group. It even gives you an activity score (total posts and reactions) for each post and a reshare option.



  1. Create a highly valuable pinned post


Ideally, pinned post is the first post that new members will see after joining your group.


So make sure you offer something extremely valuable like a guide or some assistance. If you have an education group, you can share an ebook with the members.


  1. Tag members and encourage them to take part in the group


Calling out group members personally and tagging them in relevant posts is an amazing way to inspire them to participate in group discussions.


It makes them feel kind of obligatory (in a good way) to respond.


  1. Do purpose-led marketing campaigns with brands

Purpose-led marketing campaigns are the ones where you co-create meaningful content with brands to address members' causes.


To put it simply, through these campaigns, the members get benefitted, but the brands also can expand their reach.


Here's an example.


As part of a campaign with Dettol, one of the admins of a parenting group, talked about how things are not germ-free at homes despite cleaning. Hence, she encouraged them to follow a spot, clean, and disinfect routine like she herself does and use the new Dettol disinfectant spray.


With this, all group members know the importance of disinfecting surfaces (which most of them did not know earlier) and how it will keep their little one safe from germs.


It's surely a win-win for both the members and brands.


Convosight, is trusted by more than 5000+ meaningful groups to manage and monetise over 110 million members.


If you'd have a valuable Facebook group and would like to earn from your group too, SIGN UP today.


That's about it.


These tips are all that you need to skyrocket your Facebook group engagement and help your group grow organically.


So, start implementing them and do let us know which of these worked out for you. 



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