Meet Ashish Mishra, a poet who wants to make his own jungle

ChillOut: Mishra, MD, Interbrand India shares his weekend’s routine, love for poetry and wish list for this year

Ashish Mishra

On weekends, Ashish Mishra, MD, Interbrand India loves to be in his own little world. He is fond of gardening, which he wants to learn this year. Mishra admires, ‘to grow a real jungle someday, on his own’.  For him cooking for himself is truly an immersive and satisfying experience. He also confessed to be a poet.

Read on to find out Mishra’s vices, what he does in his free time, and vacation plan for this year.

On a typical weekend, you will find me…
To do nothing. Being so geared through the week makes it tough to slow down and cool off. Often the thought of an impending travel or a key task sneaks in to quarrel with your thoughtlessness. And you have to invoke the goddess of idleness to dispel the distraction.

My idea of relaxing is…
Tending to my little jungle. What I figured was that if you pack many times the capacity of the space available in your homes with plants, it begins to resemble a jungle. It creates islands of wilderness within curated urban cocoons. Provides balance and a primal kind of peace.

The one vice I cannot do without... 
Ardbeg. My favourite single malt. It’s such a favourite that to overcome the fear of running out of it, I have many bottles of it at any point of time in my private consumption bar.

I confess… 
I am essentially a poet. I find it cathartic to privately write about the emotions that are intense enough not to ignore, and personal enough not to share. I have channelled many of these emotions into my work.

I spend me-time on unwinding my soul…
By detaching from the defined benchmarks of progress. I always try to search for meaning in what I do, so I can make a positive difference through the everyday work.

The last show I binge watched…

I can make a mean…
Vegetable curry to save my life. Cooking for self is a truly immersive and satisfying experience. Some of the best evenings during the early working years were spent with friends cooking while, drinking and losing track, were the primary activity. 

A skill/hobby I want to learn… 
This year is gardening. To grow a real jungle someday on my own.

My next vacation/adventure will… 
Hopefully be a trek in Himalayas. Travelling through the wild in the day. Cooking for myself in the night.

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