e4mChillout: Suveer Bajaj's weekends are about swimming away the blues and sleeping off the stress

The digital master gorges on oriental cuisine and sampling new food and waking up after a 20-hour sleep session

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Jul 17, 2017 5:13 PM

The French artist Paul Gauguin once said, “I shut my eyes in order to see.” The virtue of stepping away post a hectic work week and hitting the pause button during the weekends could in itself be a big stress-buster. Suveer Bajaj, Co-Founder, FoxyMoron, knows the importance of this and owns his weekends like a boss. He swims away the blues and sleeps off the stress and how!

Post a taxing week of travels, heaps of phone calls, client meetings and long office hours, Bajaj shifts gears on the weekend to relaxing and rejuvenating activities. “I use the weekends to catch up on sleep; I can sleep up to 20 hours at a stretch and not wake up,” says Bajaj who confesses missing lunch on Sundays and wakes up half way into the afternoon which he attributes as the most enjoyable part of the weekend.

He reveals spending a lavish amount of time at the pool. “I’m a very big water baby so on the weekends, I love swimming,” he says.  If he is not feeling lazy then he also ends up going to the gym or play tennis. Bajaj says that when he can’t play tennis during the rains, he spends time watching it. The digital marketing boss makes time to catch up on a movie and prefers quieter weekends going for dinners as compared to partying the night away.

Bajaj reveals that he tries to eat one meal at home to prioritise family bonding and one meal outside. “If I am travelling during the weekend, I try going to a new part of the city, explore and eat different types of food,” he tells us. The man also revels in sampling new places to eat and loves devouring oriental cuisine. “I savoured great food at this lovely, small eatery in Bandra called The Blue where I will be going this weekend as well,” he discloses.

He admits his love for quieter weekends. “Drinking and partying doesn’t appeal to me in a very big way,” says the gym enthusiast who admits going to the gym irrespective of which city he is in. Apart from recharging, his weekends are also parcelled into activities like productive interactions with academia, giving a few guest lectures at universities and participation in mentorship programmes for start-ups where he partakes in hand-holding, advising and consulting.

Bajaj also confesses his love for spending time on Netflix and Game of Thrones. “For the last few years, my long-term favourite has been Game of Thrones on Hotstar,” he says. He also admits to not being a morning person. “My family is full of morning people who wake up early and go for their exercise or sports in the morning. I make it a point to wake up after they’re done and come back and then we eat breakfast together,” he says.

The digital world that Bajaj is a part of is constantly brimming with updates and news that can get overwhelming after a point. So, he ensures that it doesn’t get to him and tells us that his morning ritual includes refraining from phone and social media contact for some time; he instead opts for reading the newspaper which is an old habit. “I try staying away from the overdose of information essentially first thing in the morning,” says Bajaj on his escape from the digital deluge.

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