Woodland has earmarked Rs 100 cr for retail expansion, even as it partners with NGOs & Volkswagen for its CSR initiatives and enters the personal care space

Simran Sabherwal 03-July-2013

While TV is the lead medium, GCPL is looking to increase its spends on digital, BTL, print & radio. The company plans to make digital a core part of its media strategy

Simran Sabherwal 12-June-2013

From brand integration, creating a desire to consume & transparency to a child’s curiosity level – some leading experts share their marketing mantras

Simran Sabherwal 30-May-2013

Potential for advertisers is huge as creatives on radio can be tailor-made for brands; however, the biggest drawback is that radio lacks mktg, say experts

Simran Sabherwal 29-May-2013

Reducing inter-channel spacing from 800 KHz to 400 KHz would double the no. of radio channels but this demand is unlikely to be met, at least for now

Simran Sabherwal 15-May-2013

MEC’s online tool, Partnership Intelligence, is aiding marketers by providing in-depth analysis into consumer interest, media consumption and attitudes towards partnership platforms

Simran Sabherwal 07-March-2013

Ferrari and Shell partnership has benefitted both brands, making this collaboration one of the most successful associations in the history of motorsport

Simran Sabherwal 07-March-2013

Mobile phones help marketers directly connect with consumers. While many are yet to join the M-bandwagon, early adapters are thriving

Simran Sabherwal 08-February-2013

With ‘Age of personalisation’ as the theme, IMPACT got to know the people behind the designations and what makes them tick

Simran Sabherwal 22-November-2012

Experts feel acquisitions work best when people due diligence is part of the initial check process, along with legal & financial diligence

Simran Sabherwal 26-October-2012

Marketers need to rethink their marketing strategies to keep up with digital savvy consumers, says Marc Bresseel, President, Initiative Worldwide

Simran Sabherwal 25-October-2012

"I would recommend my clients to not undertake any new metro-focus initiative in November," says Sam Balsara of Madison World

Simran Sabherwal 19-October-2012

As Zee celebrates its 20th birthday, the road ahead focuses on strengthening global footprint & digital presence. The company’s MD & CEO Punit Goenka in conversation...

Simran Sabherwal 03-October-2012

The channel hopes to market the show as a wholesome family entertainer. It will be aired daily at 9PM

Simran Sabherwal 17-September-2012