At the unveiling of the 11th edition of Businessworld Marketing Whitebook, the spirited keynote session "Gearing up for the consumer-first world" with Nitish Kapoor, Regional Director, Reckitt Benckiser South Asia, covered a wide range of topics-from consumer outlook in India to its effects on businesses

Ankur Singh 02-July-2015

Since the launch of their integrated app, Ola took to the rising fetish over Twitter trolls, and went on to start a friendly exchange of tweets with TaxiForSure, later joined by Uber. The banter went viral

Ankur Singh 01-July-2015

Despite the intent of the ad, it has clearly gained attention for all the wrong reasons. The ad virtually screams of Arvind Kejriwal with over 10 mentions of his name, and none of Aam Aadmi Party

Ankur Singh 22-June-2015

Mother Dairy has denied allegations that detergent was found in one of the samples of milk picked up from its collection centres, stating that it has been sent for retesting in a lab in Kolkata

Ankur Singh 18-June-2015

Haldiram’s saw a rejection of 53 consignments due to suspected presence of pesticide in fried snacks, potato snacks and sweets, which were either not adequately processed or manufactured, or packaged in unsanitary conditions

Ankur Singh 16-June-2015

From Red Label's take on 'live-in' relationships to Anouk's stance on 'homosexuality', brands are seen to be riding on social issues to grab consumer attention

Ankur Singh 15-June-2015

It is being pitted as the first Indian advertisement to feature a lesbian relationship. However, Twitterati soon caught on to the "India’s first lesbian ad" falsity and pointed out that Titan Fastrack was the first brand in India to have come up with a TVC on the topic in 2013

Ankur Singh 12-June-2015

Kirthiga Reddy, MD, Facebook India, shares Facebook's insights on how video adoption is changing and what brands need to do to adapt to this change

Ankur Singh 11-June-2015

While brands today are rigorously using video sites like YouTube to advertise, they haven't been able to prevent viewers from altogether skip-ing these ads. We explore how something so widely despised by audiences can be useful to marketers

Ankur Singh 10-June-2015

In an e-mail apology, the brand acknowledged that it failed to live up to the customers’ expectations “due to technical glitches that affected the experience on the App for some customers”

Ankur Singh 05-June-2015

Delhi has ordered tests on all brands of noodles while placing a 15-day ban on Maggi

Ankur Singh 05-June-2015

Almost six months after the last episode, a woman has made allegations of harassment by an Uber cab driver. Unsurprisingly, this has created quite a spur on social media within a matter of hours

Ankur Singh 04-June-2015

Madhuri Dixit, who is the current face of the brand, was first to get Haridwar Food and Drug Administration's notice for claims made about the nutritional value of Maggi in the advertisement. Amitabh Bachchan and Preity Zinta too have been dragged in this brand "soup"

Ankur Singh 02-June-2015

With 300 hours of video now uploaded every minute, YouTube has triggered the rise of influential media hubs that supplied free content. To ring in its 10th anniversary, YouTube devoted the entire month of May to celebrating everything that makes the video-sharing site what it is today

Ankur Singh 01-June-2015 received backlash on social media for openly promoting dowry with the 'dowry calculator'. However, soon enough people found out the truth behind the website's so-called open promotions on dowry

Ankur Singh 28-May-2015

"Globally, more than half of the people prefer global brands, but in India it is less than half," says Suzanne Powers, Global Chief Strategy Officer at McCann Worldgroup, as she reveals insights on India from a worldwide survey of public sentiment 'The Truth About Global Brands'

Ankur Singh 27-May-2015

A Twitter user sent a dubsmash video with a line from one of Modi's speeches. The official Narendra Modi handle retweeted it and also replied saying that the PM is 'pleasantly surprised'

Ankur Singh 26-May-2015

Besides the conversations around government-driven initiatives, social media was abuzz all year, critically following PM Modi’s every move. There has been a lot of organic buzz that was created on social media during the past year

Ankur Singh 25-May-2015

With one sale after the other by e-commerce players in the space, everyone is trying to come up with a new gambit with each new sale. We try to find out if these tactics are working for businesses

Ankur Singh 21-May-2015

Visuals of the actor taking a dive in the ocean and beating up a shark in a Rupa Frontline vest have evoked a strong reaction from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who decided to write to the actor and the brand

Ankur Singh 20-May-2015