Sujata Dwibedi?blur=25

In this edition of e4m's Mom Boss series, we speak to Dwibedy, Chief Investment and Trading Officer, Amplifi India, Dentsu, for her take on balancing motherhood with career

Aditi Gupta 7 hours ago


Industry experts believe it is the reduced global demand for the paper that has led to the reduction in price

Aditi Gupta May 24, 2023 8:01 AM


ZEE5’s Chief Business Officer shares the network’s pan-India approach, media and content consumption trends and more

Aditi Gupta May 22, 2023 9:00 AM

Lara Balsara Vajifdar?blur=25

As part of e4m's Mom Boss series, we speak to Balsara Vajifdar, Madison World’s Executive Director, who tells us that there's no right way to maintain a work-life balance

Aditi Gupta May 19, 2023 8:22 AM

mom boss?blur=25

In e4m's MomBoss series, Jennifer Pandya, VP of Marketing at Caratlane, tells us about celebrating motherhood not only personally but also professionally

Aditi Gupta May 16, 2023 8:55 AM

estee lauder?blur=25

Dikshita Shukla, India Brand Head, Estée Lauder, talks about the importance of influencer marketing, collaboration with Manushi Chhillar, inclusivity and more

Aditi Gupta May 15, 2023 5:32 PM

manasi narsimhan?blur=25

Narasimhan, the VP & Head, Marketing and Communications, S Asia, Mastercard, shares what it means to be a mother and a committed professional

Aditi Gupta May 15, 2023 8:31 AM


As part of our Mother’s Day series, Rubeena Singh, AnyMind Group’s Country Manager, spoke to us about acing the roles of a professional and a mom

Aditi Gupta May 12, 2023 9:19 AM

naiyya saggi?blur=25

Ahead of Mother’s Day on May 14, Saggi, Founder of BabyChakra and the Co-Founder of The Good Glamm Group, shares her journey as a working mom who believes in enjoying the small wins

Aditi Gupta May 11, 2023 8:55 AM

aditi mishra?blur=25

Ahead of Mother’s Day on May 14, Lodestar UM CEO Aditi Mishra tells us what it takes to balance motherhood and career

Aditi Gupta May 10, 2023 8:46 AM


Tushar Malhotra, Head of Marketing, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd., tells e4m about the brand's latest summer campaign and association with IPL

Aditi Gupta May 10, 2023 8:10 AM


Bapna, Chief Culture Officer, WPP India, explains how the initiative has helped create safe spaces for female employees of the organisation to share their challenges and aspirations

Aditi Gupta May 9, 2023 3:48 PM

Mom Boss?blur=25

As part of our Mother’s Day series, we caught up with the Chief Marketing Officer of WOW Skin Science who shared what it takes to be on top of the job while being a mother of two

Aditi Gupta May 9, 2023 8:50 AM

Mom Boss?blur=25

In our countdown to Mother’s Day, which falls on May 14 this year, we start a series dedicated to the lovely moms in the industry. Today, we speak to Priti Murthy, President, GroupM Nexus India

Aditi Gupta May 8, 2023 8:45 AM

Shailja Joshi?blur=25

Joshi talks about the marketing plan to promote their new range of premium potato chips, roping in Saif Ali Khan as its brand ambassador, and more

Aditi Gupta May 2, 2023 8:47 AM


The Chief Marketing Officer of RSH Global shares insights into the brand’s latest campaign, the thought behind it and more

Aditi Gupta Apr 27, 2023 9:04 AM


Girish Kalyanaraman, VP, Brand Operations and Category Leader, Feminine Care, P&G India, talks about their latest campaign, P&G Shiksha’s initiatives & more

Aditi Gupta Apr 20, 2023 5:38 PM


Bharat Bhalla and Varun Kapur spoke to e4m about the journey of the brand so far, not compromising on quality or taste, roping in Hardik Pandya and more

Aditi Gupta Apr 17, 2023 1:16 PM


Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director of Himalaya Wellness Company, talks about the inspiration behind the campaign & more

Aditi Gupta Apr 17, 2023 8:57 AM


Industry watchers discuss the rationale behind roping in an eclectic mix of Bollywood stars and cricketing greats to promote India's biggest sporting event and what it means for the broadcasters

Aditi Gupta Mar 31, 2023 9:00 AM