Abid Hasan & Priyanka Mehra

TAM Ratings Row: Broadcasters brace for revenue impact

With broadcasters pulling out of TAM, experts stress there is need to decide on the parameters to bring advertisers on board as there is no substitute...

Ad cap for Print? Not comparable to TV, say newspaper owners

As 10+2 ad cap comes in play for TV channels, print players are guarding their turf against ad restrictions & point out that an ad-edit ratio of 70:30...

Govt to invest Rs 180 cr to promote 'Glimpses of the India Story'

Approximately Rs 60 cr has been earmarked for Phase 1 of the campaign. The initiative is a multi-media effort by GoI, unveiled by Manish Tewari recent...

Now, b'casters under TAM scanner for selective claims on ratings

TAM has issued an advisory wherein it takes note of data being dredged to yield interpretations merely to force-fit into a pre-determined conclusion

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