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'Lock screen is the landing page of the phone; what if it becomes something more?'

Devika Sharma, Director - APAC O&O Business, InMobi, delivered the keynote address in which she spoke about creating content that captivates

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Nov 30, 2022 8:35 AM  |  3 min read

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exchange4Media's Pitch Brandtalk seminar, held in Delhi's Radisson Blu Plaza, Mahipalpur, in Delhi, held on November 29, was a symposium of marketing and corporate heads, media thought leaders and other advertising and media veterans for a day filled with keynote addresses and group discussions on a variety of topics.

Devika Sharma, Director - APAC O&O Business, InMobi, delivered the keynote address in which she spoke about creating content that captivates in her session, "Love at First Glance".

Asking her audience to briefly take off their advertiser and marketer hat, and just listen for the next few minutes as a regular consumer, Sharma began by breaking down the sheer volume of content generated on a daily basis. “It won’t surprise you to know that more than 12,000 hours of content is uploaded and published, mostly within walled gardens, on a daily basis, and we spend up to 4-5 hours every day watching this content.”

She then went into the minutiae that go into finding something to watch on one of these walled gardens, adding up the steps users have to take in opening up their phone screens, scrolling through apps, selecting an app, going through its content, perhaps not finding what they are watching interesting and switching to another video or another app entirely.

 “When you watch content, how much time do you take to decide if it’s interesting? Mostly a few seconds, because while some content may be engaging and relevant to you and you’ll pay attention to it, others you’ll quickly skip and move on to something else,” said Sharma, adding, “As other speakers have mentioned, content is what is bringing purpose to the consumer, it's a delivery mechanism, right? So think about the time and effort you're taking to get to this content.”

Noting that in the current construct it takes up to eight clicks or swipes to access content that you may or may not end up watching, she said there needed to be a reinvention and a change in paradigm to be able to access content that was relevant to you, and you’d enjoy consuming, without having to click so many clicks.

Adding that the place and time you spent visiting most during the day is the phone lock screen, with users checking it at least 50 times a day, Sharma said, “Whether checking the time or using the camera, out of sheer force of habit, lock screens are where we spend so much of that day, it is the landing page of your phone. So what if your lock screen could become something more, where you get updates on what you want? What if it shows you content that it thinks would be of interest to you, instead of swiping and clicking? What if you could shop from your lock screen, or watch a live concert on your lock screen?”

“This is what Glance is and does. Our purpose is to be able to deliver the content of diverse formats in a visually rich and impactful manner on the lock screen of the device of our users. That is what we at InMobi Glance are working towards every day,” asserted Sharma, concluding her session with a live demonstration of what Glance can actually do for consumers every day.

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