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Fitterfly showcases everyday struggles of people with diabetes

#WorryNot is a three-film campaign

by e4m Desk
Published - May 6, 2023 6:00 PM  |  3 min read

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Health-tech company Fitterfly has launched the #WorryNot campaign, a multi-platform initiative to support people living with type 2 diabetes. The campaign aims to help people live worry-free, happy, and healthy lives with the help of technology and personal coaching. 

Living with type 2 diabetes comes with numerous challenges, from managing blood sugar levels to dealing with food cravings and low-energy mornings. The constant worry about the impact of food choices and routines can make people feel isolated and disappointed with their quality of life. The #WorryNot campaign aims to address these worries and empower people with type 2 diabetes by providing them with a scientific, continuous glucose-monitoring-based approach that measures the impact of food on their glucose levels in real-time and gives them insights, helping them make better choices. 

The three films launched as part of the #WorryNot campaign showcase the daily struggles of a person with diabetes - especially food restrictions, lack of motivation to exercise, and the effect of blood sugar fluctuations on sleep. These relatable situations are portrayed in a light-hearted manner followed by the coaches’ interventions which make life easier for the character. 

A contest is launched as part of the campaign to understand the worries that trouble India’s population living with diabetes. Lucky winners can win prizes worth Rs 2 lakh. People can share their biggest worries by commenting, DMing, sharing videos, photos, etc. There are posts and reels by experts in the form of case studies and expert tips to reduce some of these worries. 

"Science and technology have advanced and it is now possible for people to know what exactly works for their blood sugar and defeat diabetes in a simple and worry-free manner. We need to get this message across to each and every person living with diabetes. We want to create awareness and hope, inspire them to take action and live better," said Dr Arbinder Singal, Co-Founder and CEO, Fitterfly. "Our #WorryNot campaign is aimed at collating a huge bank of user-generated content about the daily struggles people living with diabetes face, and to provide them with a support system comprising of nutritionists, clinicians, fitness experts, and physios, as well as psychologists. We believe that with the right guidance, people with diabetes can enjoy their daily life without any worries." 

Fitterfly's use of advanced data analytics and smart monitoring technologies such as Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is making it possible for people with type 2 diabetes to have the best of both worlds. The combination of technology and coaches who understand their needs in-depth provide people with diabetes the guidance they need to live their lives to the fullest. 

The #WorryNot campaign is a call to action for people living with type 2 diabetes to share their worries, connect with others who share similar struggles, and find support and solutions from Fitterfly. It is an initiative that aims to empower people living with type 2 diabetes to live a free life even with diabetes.

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