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Brands have to behave like content creators: Arun Iyer, Spring Marketing Capital

Iyer, Founder of Spring Marketing Capital, shared insights on the future of 30-seconders at the fifth edition of e4m TV First

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Jan 30, 2023 9:12 AM  |  3 min read

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exchange4media Group hosted the fifth edition of e4m TV First, a conference that talks about the dynamic television industry to shed light on the growth and impact of television and to understand this resilient medium better. At the day-long conference, Arun Iyer, Founder, Spring Marketing Capital spoke on the topic - ‘The Future of 30 Seconders’.

“We are in a digital-first world, but it's not like the 22-seconder and 30-seconder have left. Also, It's not completely irrelevant because people are spending so many dollars on it. It can't be without effect,” Iyer shared while commencing the session. 

Sharing his learnings from the mattress brand, Wakefit, he explained the brand’s purpose: “I want to just walk you all through my learnings through this brand called Wakefit, a Bangalore-based startup which we've been working with for the last four years. It was a small company when we began working with them in 2019. We had just opened our doors and it was one of the first brands that we interacted with.

"It's only been about four or five months since the company has spent any money and everything that company has done has only been on the digital and it is very reassuring to know that. So we actually really started with them. We realized that they are not just a mattress company, but they're a sleep solutions company and their purpose was how they can bring sleep into the consciousness in conversation with people,” he added.

Highlighting the importance of good sleep and how Wakefit brought it into the consciousness and conversations of people, Iyer explained, “We are living in a world where Netflix comes in and says sleep is my enemy. Our honourable Prime Minister, actually in interviews has said how rarely he sleeps and obviously the country is very inspired by him and we think that sleeping is overrated.

"On one hand, we say that too much sleep is not good, but on the other hand, we have had enough instances of very healthy people who lost their lives due to lack of sleep. So Wakefit decided to bring sleep into the consciousness and conversations of people. This is a brand with just four and a half years of existence. It's been the last five months since it's gone on Television, everything else has been through content. We've managed to generate word of mouth, educate, and build knowledge on the content. We’ve made about 600 pieces of content from this brand alone.”

He believes that in this digital world, you don't just simply create content, brands have to behave like content creators. “Every content creator has an understanding of her/his style, what connects with people and then generates content from there. It's not very different for brands, they have to do the same thing.”

“The first piece of content that we put out for Wakefit was called Sleep internship. It's on its third season now. The amount of media money that's gone behind this in three years has been a little over a crore. That's how much money has been spent behind it but it's generated a crazy amount of word of mouth for the brand,” he shared.

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