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Parle's new campaign for Hide & Seek highlights teenage romance ahead of Valentine's Day

The three films, conceptualized by League Brand Partners, will focus on television advertising across genres

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Jan 22, 2022 12:15 PM Updated- Jan 22, 2022 7:34 PM  |  3 min read

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Parle Products has launched its latest advertising campaign for their chocolate chip cookie brand Hide & Seek with a sharp focus on establishing its identity as an enabler of first-time conversations. The campaign highlights feelings of teenage romance that are often felt during adolescence and Hide & Seek is helping their audience to get those special conversations started. The films, conceptualized by League Brand Partners, will focus on television advertising across genres through TV commercials (TVCs) and digital channels. 

The Hide & Seek brand is synonymous with ‘innocent love’ through its consistent brand communication from the past 25 years, thus making Valentine's Day an ideal time to remind consumers to express themselves since it is just around the corner. The campaignStart your story with Hide & Seek’, features three distinct ad-films that demonstrate how Hide & Seek plays a catalyst in expressing affection between teenagers. The ad-films features young people in different scenarios to depict ‘first glance of attraction’ - a young woman enters a florist’s shop and sees the owner’s son, two people seeing each other for the first time on a ferry, and a fashion show event where a designer mistakes the photographer for the model.

All 3 films showcase youngsters creating their own new language through sweet gestures wherein Parle Hide & Seek plays their wingman/cupid. The TVC’s are tailored to connect with teenagers and young adults (15 - 25-year-olds), who are conscious about striking a conversation with someone they like as they lack the courage to make the first move or even ask someone out for the first time.

Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head at Parle Products says, “We, at Parle Products, realize how important it is for a brand to be a part of a customer's journey. There are certain moments that we all face while growing up as teenagers and we understand the significance of these changes and decisions we make at that time.

All of us have come across that time in adolescent years when the fear of rejection keeps us away from initiating conversation with that special someone. Our premium brand Hide & Seek resonates with young and innocent love while acting as an enabler to ignite a spark in situations wherein people feel hesitant to express themselves freely or directly. Our brand plays the role of breaking the ice so the first-time conversations between two young people are comfortable and relaxed. Since the campaign is targeted towards teenagers, it's not about intense love but about innocent attraction & young playful chemistry.

The campaign is light-hearted and at the same time builds our brand so that we achieve top-of-mind recall among consumers and continue our brand narrative. With this TV and digital campaign, we aim to strengthen our position in the chocolate cookies category.”

Samir Chonkar, Head at League Brand Partners said, “We wanted to create something special for consumers and we are happy to be able to create a theme for Parle’s Hide & Seek brand - ‘Start your story with Hide & Seek’, which will bring forth something relatable, fun and engaging experience for everyone! The films showcase cute and innocent interaction between couples designed to appeal to customers’ lovestruck-side and get some attention directed towards the brand.”

With the aim of celebrating the event that is immensely popular among young adults, Parle Products will be releasing TVCs in seven languages including Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, Assamese and Tamil, and will be sustained through a digital campaign. For social media amplification, Parle plans to create Instagram filter for couples, launch reels challenge and gift contests.

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