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Lintas Inteligrip delivers 'intelligent GRP's'

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Lintas Inteligrip delivers 'intelligent GRP's'

Inteligrip is the new tool from the Lintas stable which helps enable a more efficient target base and a better quality of return on planned media spends. It's a planning process, which delivers "intelligent GRP's" by making them more efficient and effective through a closer match to the viewer's ad world. The intelligent GRP is derived through a multi stage process of filtering that ultimately results in a better and a focused target base.

The tool is especially valid in light of the findings of Lintas Media, which reveal that only 31per cent of the population is relevant to advertising and higher the reach, more the avoidance. Higher SEC's and younger age groups experience higher avoidance.

Only 19 per cent of the viewership time is spent watching advertisements and viewers watch ads of categories/brands that are relevant to them. The basic premise is that targeting the positive ad viewers.

Said Lynn D Souza, Director, Lintas Media Services, "Every viewer has an Ad Stock, which is the result of historical exposures to various brand messages. The Ad Stock gives an idea of the conditioning that the viewers have gone through, in addition to the sub-conscious preferences of the consumers. GRP's ought to take advantage of the Ad Stock in the minds of the viewers. Depending upon the communication task, we align the brand messages to the relevant ad worlds."

She added, "The Inteligrip tool aims to capture not just the highest GRP's but in fact to establish the viewer's interest in brand categories or products through a history of their brand experiences. The current scenario makes it imperative to beat ad avoidance rather than continue relying on traditional GRP valuations that are in reality are being avoided by consumers."

She said, "Viewer Graphics adds viewing audience definition capacity (VADC) and in addition allows seamless integration of Adex, Xpert and obviates the need of developing any external/parallel systems for weighting GRP's. Inteli-Grip manages to take VG beyond quality GRP's."

The TAM TV systems form the core engine that Inteligrip works for delivering these intelligent GRP's. Inteligrip is basically a multi-stage planning process that treats the media plan and ensures an optimised and effective media thrust. The final stage of the tool, which addresses the viewers ad world and narrows the ambit of wastage due to this targeted approach ensures that the marketer enjoys a closer and more profitable experience whilst communicating brand benefit.

Premjeet Sodhi, Head of Intellect, said, "We have devised Inteligrip as an integrated process which involves the use of all TAM systems - XPress, ADEX, Viewer Graphics and Xpert. Since the Inteligrip stages are using the same TAM database, the robustness and the system is far superior to any other system, which uses external indices to adjust the TAM GRP's. This allows porting of the viewer definitions across the softwares and enables seamless pre and post evaluations on the plans in an ongoing manner."

D Souza said, "The Inteligrip tool establishes our deep desire to ensure that clients are better serviced, and that changes and developments in the marketplace and in consumer patterns are addressed and tackled with efficacy. Inteligrip is truly a pioneering effort in this direction."

While nothing can quite beat the practical usage of this tool, here is a short sum up on the Inteligrip process. Stage one starts off with vanilla GRPS, which are a result of a shadow plan done on the basis of the demographic variables available in TAM Media Express. In the next stage, the plan is improvised to include 'viewership quality dimension' wherein the viewers are segmented on parameters such as viewership intensity, loyalty stickiness etc. The plan GRP's at this level are termed as quality GRP's.

Sodhi added, "The most valuable addition however is the ad world stage which is unique to the entire Inteligrip process. This stems from the understanding that besides seeing programmes, viewers spend an average 19 per cent of viewership time watching advertisements. This forms the basis on which viewers are classified into different ad worlds allowing for micro targeting beyond demographic and quality."

Once the ad world is defined, the plans are augmented to deliver relevant and avoidance free GRP's termed 'intelligent GRP's'. In the final stage, GRP's are optimised for building cost efficiency.


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