#WhatsInAName: Swiggy strikes creative gold yet again?

What’s interesting is that the ad is not crafted by an agency, but conceptualised in-house

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Published: Nov 29, 2018 8:01 AM  | 3 min read

After releasing some cute ads that elicit a chuckle every time one sees it, Swiggy is back with a delivery partner-focused digital video, #WhatsInAName. The ad seems to have caught the attention of reams of netizens, who are all praises over how thoughtful the ad is and how the message is conveyed through it. It has received a lot of love on social media and has also led to people actually addressing the delivery partners with their names.

What’s cooking?

The video drives home the message about how very often, albeit unknowingly, we tend to overlook the human element in our daily transactions with delivery partners. It showcases a flashback about the delivery partner’s name and juxtaposes it in the present day, wherein it has become a practice to address them simply as ‘Swiggy’.

The video, through Swiggy’s trademark understanding of consumers and delivery partners, conveys a message that delivery partners, like each one of us, have a name and unique identity that they would like everybody to acknowledge. What’s interesting is that the ad is not crafted by an agency, but conceptualised in-house.

Got it right?

Brand expert Gaurav Gulati feels that it is a step in the right direction as this could not just help with brand boost but also employee boost. “Such ads are the need of the hour. Directly-indirectly this will also help the brand boost both employee and brand engagement,” he remarks.

Ad Filmmaker Aneesh Shah echoes the sentiments. He quite likes the creative and execution.

“The story has a human element to it which is prone to resonate with audiences. Execution wise, it is done well. The story taking the route of their employees is a differentiated strategy and is sure to boost not just the brand, but also employees," he says.

Sanjay Mehta, Jt. CEO, Mirum India, has a different take. He opines that he doesn't get the purpose of the long-format piece. "If you are trying to give them respect, it’s fair. It’s not that Swiggy is a derogative and I don’t see an insult. So I don’t know how much of an issue this is. However, Swiggy being a heavily funded startup, has invested a lot on something which is not a high-priority issue. Having said that, anything different gets talked about. So it has worked out in the brand's favour," Mehta asserts.

Team Credits:

VP Marketing: Srivats TS

AVP Marketing: Ashish L

Creative Director: Shikha Gupta

Director- Supply Marketing: Arpit Agarwal
Sr. Marketing Manager: Swarnendu Mandal 

Production House: Flying Saucer 

Director: Pushpendra Misra

Production Designer: Sonali Bhatia 

Producer: Divyaa Iyer

Director of Photography: Siddharth Diwan

Music: George Joseph, Amar Mangrulkar

Casting Director: Shikha Pradeep & In-house team

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