We plan to double our growth between now and the end of next year: Co-founder, Treebo

Sidharth Gupta, Co-founder, Treebo talks about their outdoor campaign ‘Perfect stay or don’t pay’, what prompted this bold advertising move, its targeting, and the metrics that the brand utilizes to measure the efficacy of such a campaign

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Apr 26, 2018 8:56 AM

Budget hospitality brand, Treebo Hotels has recently launched their outdoor campaign ‘Perfect stay or don’t pay’ campaign which seems like a huge step by a budget hotel chain. Sidharth Gupta, Co-founder, Treebo, chatted with exchange4media about this campaign. Gupta revealed what prompted this bold advertising move, the OOH approach adopted, targeting and the metrics that the brand utilizes to measure the efficacy of such a campaign.


What was the starting point of the campaign and the creative brief for it?

It stems from the deep belief and confidence we have in the brand and the experience we are able to offer to the customers. We have about 400 properties across the country. What we realized was that the quality guarantee which we offer has been here for a while, but people have not come to know about it. We thought about making this as a cornerstone to make people talk about it and realize it. So the brief was how do we convey the kind of confidence which we have, to build conviction with the customers as well? Therefore, we said that let's define it in very simple words. That’s where 'perfect stay or don’t pay' came to be, as it is music to the ears of customers, and is a lucrative possibility for them. It was all about highlighting this fairly radical promise that we have. There is only one company that has done something similar in the past and seen tremendous success, that is Domino’s. That has been an inspiration for us.

Tell us about your OOH approach and the strategic targeting of locations to run this.

We are running this campaign in the top six cities which are Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. In a city like Delhi where there are very few OOH sites, we’ve chosen Delhi metro to spread the word. In others, it's running on bus-backs and classic billboards. We’ve gone for impact over frequency/reach. Our approach is to be loud, clear and compelling. Sites have been chosen accordingly to give us that kind of volume.

Tell us about your advertising strategy. Has it remained the same or evolved over the years?

We’ve done only two major advertising campaigns. We did one, at the same time, last year. It’s like one thing has changed and another has not. The medium has also changed. Last year, it was on TV and this year, the primary medium is outdoor. Our research told us that outdoor had worked better for us than TV in terms of ROI.

When doing an outdoor campaign, what are the metrics that help you measure its efficacy?

The metrics we look at are at two levels. The softer level is awareness. We run a brand-evaluation study to find out by how much our total awareness has gone up. And the second level, which is a more concrete one, is looking at brand searches and traffic on our direct channels. We also look at transactions and the ones on third-party channels.

Which has been the biggest marketing plan for Treebo as a brand?

Digital has been a big priority for us and has been ongoing.

What are your focus areas in terms of growth and marketing?

Growth is a big focus area. We intend to grow 2X between now and the end of next year. We have 400 properties and are working towards 800 properties.

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