Togglehead's campaign ‘The Campus’ is integration of AI and WebVR: Krish Ramnani

Ramnani, Co-Founder, Director of Innovation & Technology, Togglehead, talks about the process and challenges they came across while revamping the website of Arena Animation

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Published: May 24, 2019 9:56 AM  | 4 min read

Today, AI is being used by brands to optimize the brand value and create an impactful message that the consumers can connect with. Togglehead recently used the same strategy while revamping the website of design academy, Arena Animation. The campaign titled ‘The Campus’ is aimed at sending across Arena’s brand message. 

Togglehead created an AI-driven ad campaign using a voice-enabled chatbot and WebVR to engage with the viewers. 

We, at exchange4media, spoke to Krish Ramnani, Co-Founder, Director of Innovation & Technology, Togglehead, about the execution of this tech-driven digital campaign. 

Edited excerpts:

On the creative vision and use of technology to promote Arena Animation Arena
Animation takes pride in its ‘Counsellor Driven Approach’. With advances in Artificial Intelligence, we have continued this approach in the digital space. The voice-enabled counsellor not only takes a visitor through the campus but also ensures an instant call to action. We also integrated WebVR to deliver Arena’s message in a creative way.  
Keeping their tagline, ‘Employment driven Education’, in mind, we leveraged Rahul Dravid, Arena’s brand ambassador to create a unique mentorship programme experience in WebVR. In virtual reality, each prospective student gets a glimpse of the real world wherein Dravid talks about how students get placed in industries post completion of their course. 

An innovative Hall of Fame, showcasing work done by its alumni and students on many top titles of Bollywood/ Hollywood films were also created in custom WebVR. The entire experience was built to provide a dome cinematic experience for visitors and prospective students to give them an idea of heights they could achieve with different careers in media and entertainment.

Brief and insight 
The objective was to make Arena's website its strongest communication asset for which, we were given a blank slate to work on. The study of the brand brought to light some important parameters, Arena has always been a pioneer in their space, hence something innovative had to be created. As far as their approach towards students goes, they have always had a counsellor-driven approach at all their 100+ centres located across the country. They also offer various loan and placement facilities for their students, and they take pride in their renowned festivals like Orbit Live and Kalakari.

Our biggest insight through various interviews, research and data points was that Arena Animation, being a legacy brand, is synonymous with students across the country in the field of media and entertainment. We also noticed the massive shift from certificate based to skill-based education and the urgency in every student to upskill themselves, especially in the digital age. 

Keeping these parameters in mind, we created the “The Arena Campus” which not only resonates with the values of the brand but also appeals to its target audience.

There were multiple challenges in getting the look and feel right, especially when we were dealing with character creation in order to get the depiction of our entire ecosystem on point. Being graphic-heavy and unique in nature, navigation was a great task to crack across a range of devices. The WebVR experiences were unique in kind and had no references for the same even internationally. Hence, to get that running with minimum load time was a hurdle to overcome and a breakthrough in technology. We also had a task to modify the default voice of Ira to adapt it into an Indian accent to resonate it with the target audience.

How did you leverage by using technological advancement to increase the brand's value? 
We wanted to create a benchmark digital experience which resonates with their vast skillset. The strategy that we came up with was ‘The Campus’, an innovative, yet engaging way to create a website which is the heart of any brand’s communication. The institution takes pride in its ‘Counsellor Driven Approach’ with advances in AI, we continued this approach in the digital space. The voice-enabled counsellor not only takes a visitor through the campus but also ensures an instant call to action. We also integrated technological breakthroughs in WebVR to deliver Arena’s message in a creative way.  

Integration of the campaign
The campaign was curated using the best of technology for optimum communication. The campus has been structured in the order of questions a visitor would have. Starting with the brand's story and ending with the placement cell and a call to action. Further, Ira, the chatbot, ensures ease and promptness in the brand's communication. Next, we created a communication plug even on social media to humanise the bot in order to create the cross tech pollination of communication. There is an offline plug to be launched in the forthcoming education season with the message for employment-driven education and the need to upskill. 

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