'Advertising is dead - meant to bring together everyone in the media'

Varun Duggirala, Co-founder, Content Chief, The Glitch, shares insights on the IVM podcast, the TG of the show and plans going forward

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Published: Aug 5, 2019 8:41 AM  | 4 min read
Varun Advertising is Dead

The advertising, media and entertainment space has seen the largest amount of disruption over the last decade and the way traditional ad industry used to function has changed in many ways. The way the business creates, distributes and most importantly functions on a day-to-day basis is now in a constant state of flux.

Over the last 35 weeks, this is exactly what the podcast ‘Advertising is dead’ by IVM Podcast has tried to capture. The show focused on speaking to leaders, creators and people from all ends of the space to understand the new media world order and the way brands are leveraging it. The podcast also discusses perspectives on points like purpose and empathy in today's world. It also addresses the struggles aspiring media professionals face in their minds about the barrier of entry to space itself. 

The episodes have also taken up stories of the people in the field of business. The show tries to address on a daily basis questions posed by listeners (many of whom want to work in the space and seek someone to have a conversation to address their doubts) about jargons and supposed barriers of entry. 

The 35th episode, featuring Ronnie Screwvala, was hosted by Varun Duggirala, Co-founder, Content Chief, The Glitch. They discussed what it takes to be a media entrepreneur and how a wider view rather than a single point of view helps give a better perspective on the business. Screwvala talked about failures, the eternal entrepreneur dichotomy of Scale vs Control, and why start-ups need to stop focusing on funding as the primary focal point.

In a chat with exchange4media, Duggirala spoke about the podcast, the TG of the show and plans going forward.

Speaking about the insight, Duggirala said, “The IVM podcast happened by chance. We were having a conversation with the IVM podcast team that there was no advertising, marketing and media related podcast. I am a traditional outsider before I started at Glitch. I was in the entertainment industry in a traditional background. The idea behind the podcast was to bring in people from all fields. From creatives to even getting in people from the legal team since there are IP laws dropped into the industry as well. Everyone who works in the industry and engages in the media industry.”

Duggirala remarks that we also understood that breaking into the industry is an issue. “Advertising is indeed dead! It has changed from how it traditionally was.”

Speaking about if brands have been looped into the podcast, “We haven’t got into a brand conversation yet. We are at an early stage.”

Talking about the audience of the podcast, Duggirala says, “Our audience is fairly young like the age of 20-25 years. Our audience on social media is very engaged and ask for more details about topics discussed on social media. We have a number of repeated listeners and it keeps growing.”

Going forward for the IVM podcast, the plan is to take it live. “We want to go into workspaces in the advertising, marketing, content- creators and the media industry. We also want people to ask questions one-on-one. In the coming months, the show is going to go live into workspaces and record episodes in front of live audiences to address any questions they have, getting their point of view as young professionals,” said Duggirala.

The podcast can be heard on Spotify, JioSavaan and even on YouTube. 

Kavita Rajwade, Co-founder of IVM Podcasts, said: "We identified that there was a lack of new media operational conversations, and hence conceptualised the show. The rapidly changing media landscape has some interesting people navigating it and through this podcast show, we showcase them. Varun Duggirala fit the role perfectly as the host to this podcast and hence the collaboration fell into place rather swiftly. We are also very delighted with the way the show has become popular with the audience and are thrilled with the impact that it's generating."



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