Taapsee Pannu Stands Strong with Women’s Horlicks

Women’s Horlicks launches new campaign to raise awareness about bone health amongst women

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Published: Dec 12, 2017 3:40 PM  | 3 min read

Women’s Horlicks, the pioneers in Women’s Health Food Drinks’ segment, have introduced their latest campaign featuring the new face of the brand, Taapsee Pannu. Fashioned around the theme of #StandStrong, the initiative seeks to bring to the fore the issue of bone health amongst women in India and envisions to make them #StandStrong in following their passions. Taapsee Pannu, known for her feisty roles and go getter attitude comes together with Women’s Horlicks to address one of the critical yet neglected health needs of the modern Indian woman.

The campaign features Taapsee maneuvering multiple challenges throughout her day. Focused on how women today rely on their bones to support their strength to pursue their passions, the campaign sees Pannu depict how bone strength is a big part of how she’s able to deliver her best day in and day out. It seeks to educate the viewers on how post the age of 30, bone density in women begins to recede resulting in weaker bones1. Women’s Horlicks with advanced CALSEAL™ formula has 100% daily requirement of three nutrients - Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K2 to help calcium reach bones.

One out of every two women suffer from low bone mineral density after 30 years of age the fact that women do not see the issue as amongst the top health concerns is major cause of worry. The #StandStrong platform, targeted primarily at women over 30 years of age aims to create conversations and educate the consumers about bone health with a clear call to action for women to take firm steps towards their ensuring strong bones.

Taapsee Pannu, while commenting on her association with Women’s Horlicks and the latest campaign, said, “I've always followed the belief that there is nothing that a woman can't achieve if she is determined and builds the strength to do so. The I #StandStrong platform launched by Women's Horlicks is a perfect representation of this mantra. It is inspiring women to invest in their strength - physical strength in this case supported by strong bones. I would urge all women to participate in this movement of investing in their strength as strong bones make a stronger you.”

Commenting on the campaign, Vikram Bahl, Area Marketing Lead, Nutrition & Digestive health, GSK Consumer Healthcare India, said, “Women in India are pushing boundaries and breaking the glass ceiling, setting the benchmark for success not only in India but all over the world. The issue of bone health, while a less discussed one, is a key determinant of physical strength, especially after the age of 30. We seek to bring to attention the importance of bone health in helping women stay physically strong. We are confident that our partnership with Taapsee will help generate the required awareness about bone health amongst women and be a catalyst for them to #StandStrong.”

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