Successful ad campaigns go beyond functional benefits: Sushant Dash, Tata Global Beverages

From issues related to corruption, elections, women empowerment and now creating future champions, ‘Tata Tea's Jaago Re’ campaign has given brand messaging and social responsibility a new meaning for over a decade now

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Feb 23, 2018 9:00 AM

It has been over a decade since Tata Tea unveiled its ‘Jaago Re’ campaign. Just to add some context, ‘Jaago Re’ is considered among select brand campaigns that have managed to stir change on ground with impactful social undertones.
From issues related to corruption, elections and women empowerment, ‘Jaago Re’ has given brand messaging and social responsibility a new meaning. Taking this impact to its next level, in its latest campaign ‘Champions of Tomorrow’, the brand provides a platform to identify India’s most promising athletes aged under 16 and gives them the opportunity to hone their skills and turn into future champions.
According to Sushant Dash, Regional President - India & Middle East, Tata Global Beverages, it is important for brands to go beyond communicating just the functional benefits for greater brand recall. “Our strong belief, which is based on the growth rates and the affinity of our brands, is that when you are associated with a stronger cause than just the functional benefits of a brand, then the consumer loves you more. And that is why we have strongly believed in the ‘Jaago Re’ concept. Most brands will talk about the functional benefits alone, but in our campaigns we go beyond the functional benefits and talk about things that are close to the heart of the customers.”

For Dash “brands need to also walk the talk” to stay relevant. “You need to do something and not just preach. It should be about asking people to participate. Pre-activism is the need of the hour and ‘Jaago Re 2.0’ encourages everyone to take a step forward as pre-activists to bring about a lasting change," adds Dash while describing the premise of the new campaign.
Ask him what makes ‘Jaago Re’, a campaign that has spanned over a decade, so relevant even today, and Dash says, “We started the ‘Jaago Re’ campaign in 2007 and we have raised many issues. All this while ‘Jaago Re’ has been about people waking up and taking a stance and doing something. The good thing is that there has been a bigger impact because of social media and it has helped this campaign maintain its popularity.”
While many brand marketers might be talking about the challenges of brand building in multi-platform, always-on and a hyper connected world, for Dash it is more of an opportunity than a challenge. He explains, “Any brand campaign at the end of the day is about giving a return to the shareholder and hyper connectivity is an advantage because it gives you a better opportunity to engage. Moreover, the communication now has become two way and hence the ownership of consumers for the brand has become stronger than ever before.”

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