Skore Not Out Condoms scores with the youth TG

With its 'play longer' proposition, the condom brand’s ad seamlessly communicates the 'pleasure for him' and 'pleasure for her' promise

e4m by Deepa Balasubramanian
Updated: Nov 1, 2013 8:58 AM
Skore Not Out Condoms scores with the youth TG

Skore Not Out Condom brand has recently rolled out its latest ad campaign to promote a special climax-delay ingredient that promises long lasting lovemaking sessions.

Climax-delay condoms have been for long regarded as a male pleasure-device, but Skore Not Out disrupts this notion. The communication for the condom brand does not see a longer sexual encounter as an end in itself, but as a start of things to follow. That’s how the “lasts longer than you think” thought behind the ad was evolved.

Commenting on the new TVC, Vishal Vyas, General Manager – Marketing, TTK Protective Devices said, “The concept given to our agency was to bring a connect with the youth with our new age range. In our previous campaigns, we had communicated our dotted, coloured and flavoured range to our TG. This new campaign is all about Skore Not Out climax-delay condoms. The trick of the commercial was to build curiosity and generate excitement in letting the TG know that love too has its own after-effects. The more time and love you give to your partner, the more love you will get in return. Not Out condom enables you to do that. It carries not only ‘pleasure for him’, but ‘pleasure for her’ promise and this has been seamlessly communicated in the commercial.”

The creative team for the ad is headed by Sunil K Thoppil, Creative Director, McCann Erickson. The TVC has been directed by Shriaz Bhattacharya and art by Vivian Rayen. Nimax Films is the production house.

Elaborating on how the concept was evolved, Thoppil said, “Not Out does not see a sexual encounter as an end in itself. Instead, it sees one as a start of things to follow. After all, one long-drawn session begs for another. And often begets it. That’s how the agency came up with ‘lasts longer than you think’ proposition.”

Experts’ Take
Commenting the ad, Jineesha Gandhi Karkhanis, Creative Head, Geek Creative Agency said, “The Score Condoms ‘Not Out’ film opens beautifully, with the two girls on the scooter and leads to an interesting build up. The soundtrack used is apt and gives it a mushy feel. It’s intriguing in the beginning as the film makes you want to know what happens next till the point where it probes you to wonder why they’re good to him. But it falls flat equally quickly with the signoff ‘Not Out - Lasts longer than you think’.”

He further said, “While the film scores high on initial intrigue and a light feel, it scores low on remembrance value, appeal and stickiness in the mind of the viewer. Also, it’s a complete contradiction to what the film aims to project – love and time that you give to your partner and Skore Condoms helping you achieve that. To me, promiscuity and love can never go together. The film shows the man scoring women (or the women scoring him). Where is love in the picture? It really ends up being a ‘mild version’ of an Axe effect ad (minus the sexiness, of course). It’s extremely low in temperature and appeal. To put it aptly, the film is like a plane that took off well, but ended up crash landing, and what’s more, nobody noticed.”

Thomas George, Associate Director - Planning, Stark Communications remarked, “Chivalry seems to be a new platform for Skore and the category, though it is only one curve ahead of the ‘scores of girls hunting the Man’ deodorants and rubber stories. The chivalry angle is interesting, but fails to keep one glued to find out what the girls are out for. The pace and the sneeze seem to be the killers. But more importantly, in a stroke, a new type is cast ‘the good-boy-in-the-next-cabin and not-so-alpha-male’ becoming a player with the product’s help (to play a longer innings). More bad than good? Hope they come in handy.”

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