Raymond launches ‘The Complete Man’ campaign with an anti-digital theme

Conceptualised by Famous Innovations, the ad attempts to connect with the young audience while staying true to the brand ethos

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Updated: Oct 16, 2015 8:10 AM
Raymond launches ‘The Complete Man’ campaign with an anti-digital theme

Raymond has launched a new campaign titled ‘The Complete Man’ which portrays the qualities of a “complete man” who believes in staying ‘real’ and has not allowed his ‘digital’life to overpower his real life.

Conceptualised by Famous Innovations, the new ad shows a doting dad who goes to attend his son’s annual day school performance. While the kids go up on the stage to perform, all the parents are hooked on to their smartphones to capture the moment. While there is only one dad in the auditorium who stands up and claps for them. It immediately lights up the faces of the young performers. The film ends with the voice-over ‘Many things make a complete man- doing what is real is one of them.’

Like their previous ad, which broke the cliché and the mindset by showing that a man can take equal responsibility of the child by staying back at home and letting the wife go to work. Or the one, which highlights the sentimental relationship between a father and his teenage daughter and letting her hand go so that she can be with her friends. Building on the company’s traditional positioning of the ‘Complete Man’, these new films are an attempt to connect with the young audience, while staying true to the brand ethos.


Knowing when to let go:

Being there:

Commenting on the creative strategy, Madhavi Chinnabhandar, Associate Account Director, Famous Innovations said, “The objective is the same as last year: To continue to make the brand contemporary and relevant. Therefore the conscious effort has been to find moments and emotions that are current like our previous stay at home dad or father-teenage daughter commercial. The reason behind using the ‘smartphone’ topic in the new ad is because today, people don’t realise, what is happening around them. Technology has gotten so enmeshed in our day-to-day life that our digital lives have actually taken over our real lives. The challenge with the brand and the work is also to ensure that the message should come across effortlessly as it is a part of the DNA of a Complete Man, without being preachy.”

Commenting on why most of their campaigns are usually timed around this time of the year, she said, “While the release has been around the festival time, it is a brand campaign and not a festival campaign for sure,” she cited.

Expert view:

KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer, Sapient Nitro was all praises for the new campaign. “The new ad has been done brilliantly. Full credit to the brand as well as the agency, I am actually running out of words, but I wish I had actually done the ad. Somewhere Raymond as a brand has gone through lot of ups and downs; they used to do really brilliant piece of work during the early 90s, and then slowly it fell down. There were several attempts to contemporize the brand after that, but it somehow looked artificial and not real. But these recent ads are based on great insights and they should infact be a classroom example of how to revive a brand and connect with the youth, without losing its focus.”

He further added, “The problem is we don’t enjoy the present moment, if God were to appear in front of us, we all will be taking out our smartphones and capturing the moment, rather than experiencing it. The beauty of the dad getting up to applaud the performance, speaks for the quintessential ‘Raymond Complete Man’. Many brands lose their focus in their attempt to revive, they actually end up butchering the brand, but these guys have done a fabulous job!”

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