Pitch CMO Summit: Digital is going to change the way marketers do their job: Puneet Anand

Anand, Senior General Manager & Group Head (Marketing), Hyundai Motor India, delivered a session on Going Digital: Transitioning From A Traditional Ecosystem at the Pitch CMO summit in Delhi on Friday

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Updated: Apr 27, 2019 9:29 AM

At the second edition of Pitch CMO Summit Delhi, Puneet Anand, Senior General Manager & Group Head (Marketing), Hyundai Motor India, delivered a session on Going Digital: Transitioning From A Traditional Ecosystem.

He stressed on how the automobile company, which entered the market in 1990s, has always adapted itself to the ongoing revolution in the digital space.

Anand started off the session saying, “Today, when we talk about marketing, we are talking about the transition from a typical marketplace to a new evolving place. If we don’t adapt to these changes and do not transit ourselves, we will probably lose a lot going forward.”

He further said, “In the automobile industry people call us a ‘transport solution provider’. Once upon a time, Hyundai was a car company, but in the last years, we have transformed ourselves from being a transport provider to a ‘future mobility’ provider.”

Speaking about the importance of campaign in building a brand, he illustrated, “Whenever we plan a campaign, there are three big questions that always strike our mind. First, what and how we want to speak to our audience. The second question is engagement; where our consumers are and how to engage with them. And the third is how our story reaches to the masses, to the right audiences.”  

“When we talk about transitioning from a traditional ecosystem to a new generation platform, digital is one of the areas which is going to change the way marketers have been doing their job,” he added.

Sharing an example, Anand mentioned that 2018 was an important year because Hyundai’s first car Santro, which was first launched in 1998, made a comeback.

“A company which was unknown in 1998 became the buzz and our cars became the first choice in the last 20 years. So, we thought of doing something special on this occasion and we conceived a campaign called ‘20 years of Brilliant Moments’. We created an emotional connect with our consumers. The campaign not only became a trendsetter but also became one of Google’s case studies globally on most watch advertisement on digital. With the digital campaign, we got 500 million views during the launch month and 221 million unique users. As many as 84 million watched the complete video, and there was an addition of 544K subscribers. This was the strength of the campaign only on digital platform.”

Describing how the ‘20 years of Brilliant Moments’ campaign became a case study, he explained, “When we thought to measure the ROI of the campaign, the survey indicated that almost 30% recalled the ad and the brand perception was increased by 20%. No ATL or TV campaign can give you such kind of brand perception increase. Also, the purchase intent of the customers for a Hyundai product went up by 18%, and thus the campaign became a case study.”

“When you have a great story and a great engagement, there’s no way that you cannot succeed,” he told the audience.

Throwing lights on Hyundai’s new product, Anand said, “Our new product will create a history in consumer connect. The target audience of this new car is very different; it’s GenZ customers. It’s a human technology car, which not only gives you mobility but a great experience as well. We kicked off the campaign by educating the customers on connectivity. We have come up with a new innovation in our latest product, Blue Link Car Connected Technology. It will be the most practical, concrete and convenient technology available in the Indian market to make the customer’s life easy. We have undertaken all the measures across all our touch points to ensure that our customers can get a first-hand experience of it. As a brand, it’s our responsibility to give meaningful mobility to the customers. We will always be at the forefront to ensure that our communication, content, technologies and products will be there to support our customer not in transportation, but in terms of a very strong mobility solution provider.”


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