Pico releases ‘Clear Your Fridge’ hacks

The hot sauce brand has released three videos that show easy and quick recipes one can make with leftover food in the fridge

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Updated: Sep 5, 2015 8:50 AM
Pico releases ‘Clear Your Fridge’ hacks

Pico has released ‘Clear Your Fridge’ hacks,  focusing on video content.

Pico is a taste enhancement, hot sauce brand launched over 2 years ago by Nilgai Foods. Its flagship product is the Pico Bhut Jolokia – India’s spiciest chilli sauce, made from India’s spiciest chilli – the Naga But Jolokia chilli. It’s also got a range of other interesting and unique sauces, dips, chutneys and taste enhancers, including a Mango Chilli sauce, a Paneer Makhani dip, a Nimbu Chilli Sauce, a South-east Asian inspired Sweet Chilli sauce and a chatpata Date Tamarind sauce, which make the bland tasty and the tasty tastier.

Arjun Gadkari, President, Nilgai Foods says, “This content campaign is the first in series of a few planned to reposition Pico sauces from being a recipe sauce to a taste enhancer. Our TG is the foodie family and each individual who is passionate and obsessed with food, for them every bite needs to be an experience, an explosion of spices.” Abhay Jaswal, CEO, Nilgai foods adds, “These are the people religiously following any YouTube video on food or see Master Chef re-runs on their mobiles, which is why we’ve adopted a video first content strategy – where we’ll constantly be churning out relevant videos for our TG.” 

Amit Akali, Managing Partner & Creative Head – What’s Your Problem, explains, “These are not ads, these are content videos. People aren’t interested in consuming ads in the digital space, they’re interested in content – something that entertains them, informs them, hacks that make life easier for them. Which is why we’ve created these ‘Clear The Fridge Hacks’ – which actually help the consumer, make the most of their leftover food. The brand has purposely been kept subtle in the film – but if the consumer remembers the hacks they’ll definitely remember the brand, probably click on the CTA and order it immediately, online.”

At the same time, while it may not be an ad, the content is very clearly connected to the brand message. Huzefa Roowala, Director – Content & Creative – adds, “There can’t be a more clear demonstration of taste enhancement. The insight is that there are always leftovers that are kept in fridges, but eventually wasted or consumed half-heartedly since they never taste the same. What better example of taste enhancement than demonstrating that Pico sauces make even leftover food taste great. On another level, the housewife is always uncomfortable with wasting food and you’ve given her a great hack to avoid the same, while yet surprising her family with a great meal.”

The campaign was launched with an activation on Twitter, which trended through the day, picking up 5 million impressions and over a hundred new twitter followers.  This is only the start of the campaign and over a month, 9 different videos under the #ClearTheFridge would be exposed, supported by contests and interactions, promoted over various platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

Amit explains, “A lot of times, a longer or cheaper TVC is passed off as a digital video strategy. That’s not how we look at video at all. Video’s all about interacting with the consumer and consistently giving him something he wants. Which is why we’ve planned a year long content strategy, with numerous videos in the making. What makes it easy to constantly churn out videos is the fact that all of these are shot in house.” 

Roti Hacks - 

Sabji Hacks - 

Rice Hacks - 

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