Ogilvy's new campaign for Reliance General Insurance shows darker side of Holi

For millions of women, India’s festival of colour isn’t all fun and frolic

exchange4media News Service 01-March-2018

Holi is perhaps India’s most popular international festival. With the onset of spring, India attracts film-makers and photographers from around the world, all of whom are keen on capturing their very own technicolour tales. But hidden amidst the euphoria, is an ugly side that often goes unnoticed - the license millions of men give themselves to harass, grope and even molest women under the guise of colour.
As part of a women’s safety initiative, Reliance General Insurance has launched #HoliNotHooliganism. The intent being to focus attention on a largely ignored reality surrounding Holi festivities. 

Burzin Mehta, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, "When students are hurled with sperm-filled balloons and forced to celebrate the world’s most colourful festival indoors, there’s a serious problem. Which is why it is almost inevitable to expose what the festivities camouflage. And we’ve done that by taking generic Holi pictures and stripping the colour off them. What we were left with churned our insides. But it is the unfortunate truth."
Rakesh Jain, CEO of Reliance General Insurance – the brand behind the campaign, added, “Holi is one of India’s most beautiful festivals because it upholds the spirit of liberation. But for a few it has turned into an excuse to harass women that destroy the beautiful festival with a horrifying experience for women. This campaign is our small contribution to create awareness and is one of the many initiatives we do as a corporate towards Women’s safety.”

#HoliNotHooliganism consists of a social media blitz as well as interactive posters at colleges across Mumbai and Delhi. In the hope that when the country celebrates Holi this year, its women will feel safe enough to get out of their homes and smear each other with colours of joy, not fear.

Campaign website: www.HoliNotHooliganism.com

Agency: Ogilvy Mumbai
Client: Reliance General Insurance
Account Management: Radhika Seth, Juhi Chittoria
Creative team: Burzin Mehta, Sakshi Choudhary, Harsha Gharat, Vibhor Tyagi
Project Management/Tech: Priya Bajad, Vishal Shinde
Producer: Junaid Pandrowala 
Photographer: Puranjoy Gupta

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Muthoot Pappachan Group extends ‘Blue Soch’ in new campaign with Vidya Balan

he stories highlighted how Muthoot was a catalyst and an able partner in fulfilling the dreams of the hard-working common man

exchange4media Staff 20 minutes ago


Muthoot Pappachan Group (MPG), the diversified business conglomerate, has always been an enabler in the entire lifecycle needs of the customers. With their credo of ‘empowering human ambition’, MPG has endeavoured to provide assistance to the common man in realizing his dream and achieve his ambition.

On the same lines, ‘Blue Soch’ campaign by MPG was launched as part of the brand transformation that encapsulated a customer’s everyday struggles and the determination to succeed in spite of the numerous hindrances. In the first phase, we captured the heart-warming stories to spread awareness about our Gold Loans and MSME offerings.

The stories highlighted how Muthoot was a catalyst and an able partner in fulfilling the dreams of the hard-working common man. After a successful run of phase one, Muthoot Pappachan Group has come out with its next phase of the campaign with its beloved brand ambassador Vidya Balan. As the Blue Muthoot, it carries forward the theme of Blue Soch, dedicated to the progressive thinking of its customers who demonstrate hard work and determination along with firm self-belief in the face of adversity. The key message that the campaign aims to drive is that the Muthoot Pappachan Group supports people with the Blue Soch and thus, empowers human ambition.

The films have been conceptualised by L&K Saatchi and Saatchi. The advertisements show the next generation starting to make a mark for themselves and the parents recognizing their transformation into achievers. These parents demonstrate the Blue Soch and MPG provides support to help them enable the zealous youngsters in achieving their dreams. The campaign highlights these everyday heroes from every walk of life and celebrates this group of strong-willed individuals.

Speaking about the campaign, Sidheshwar Sharma, EVP at L&K Saatchi and Saatchi says, “In L&K Saatchi and Saatchi’s immersions with Blue Soch people across the country, we discovered amazing stories of empowerment: how Muthoot Papachan Group enables people in transforming their lives. With such a rich relationship that we share with people, all we had to do was take inspiration. These videos are stories of real impact the brand is bringing to every life, every day!”

Commenting on the idea and creative process behind the campaign, Delna Sethna, CCO, L&K Saatchi and Saatchi, said, “Muthoot Blue champions the cause of Everyman. And ensures that it will financially empower the people traditional channels will overlook. Given their generous spirit, it's only natural for the creative to embody that. For this go around the films are even more heart-warming and will hopefully win even more hearts in the bargain."

Talking about Blue Soch and the Muthoot’s brand promise, Sanjeev Shukla, Chief Marketing Officer, Muthoot Pappachan Group, says: “At Muthoot, we have always believed that our customers are our real strength, and it’s their indomitable spirit that we celebrate as ‘Blue Soch’. We believe brands can only make long-term sustainable relationships when they move beyond the realm of transactional value to truly partner a customer’s needs and requirements. Because essentially, it’s about building human connections or long-term relationships in our case, that is also reflected in our brand promise of empowering human ambition.”

The films have been directed by Piplu R Khan of Potli Baba and Prodigious Films and were shot on location in the interiors of Rajasthan to give them a real, relatable feel. The media approach is to maximize reach and at the same time create an impact in order to differentiate the brand. The TV campaign will spread the message across the country and will be supported by a cross-media blitz that will use a widespread presence online and on mobile.


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Ad fraud continues to remain a massive challenge: Eric Kirtcheff, Essence

SVP, Global Ad Operations, Essence spoke on how Essence ensures brand safety in an era where online fraud has become more common than ever

Ruhail Amin 6 hours ago

Eric of Essence

For large scale media agencies, monitoring content is becoming a massive challenge as they do billions of impressions a year. However with smart technology solutions the task is getting easier but there are still issues that need to be addressed.

In an interview with exchange4media, Eric Kirtcheff, SVP, Global Ad Operations, Essence spoke on how Essence is ensuring brand safety in an era where online fraud has become more common than ever.

Edited excerpts:

How would you define the ‘Essence advantage’ when it comes to delivering effective marketing solutions for your clients?

I think the biggest advantage is that we work across disciplines or across practices. I normally head operations practice but I work hand in hand with the activation teams to deliver solutions. I don't worry about just my own discipline; I worry about all the disciplines. So it is that teamwork that really leads to that advantage which Essence is known for.

When it comes to putting out content, how do you ensure brand safety for your clients? Tell us a bit about the checks and balances that you follow?

We take multiple approaches.  So you can't just use one solution. You can use the platform itself and look at the safety tools that they have available; obviously you need to monitor that on a daily basis. But beyond that, monitoring content is not enough as new things come up and you need to constantly update. So as I said it is not about having one solution, what may work for Google may not work for Facebook so you have to look for different solutions for different platforms.

When you release campaigns on mass level, how do you balance the human and machine interference as far as monitoring of content is concerned?

We do around 150 billion impressions per year. That not only creates challenges from the monitoring point of view, but even if you put it into a spreadsheet it creates problems that are engineering and infrastructure related. We have to constantly update our tools to account for these types of large scale problems and that is the kind of problem we would like to solve. We are constantly working on making this process better and we have been doing this for years now.

What would you call the biggest challenge in ad operations today?

One of the biggest issues in ad operations is ad fraud and it continues to remain a massive challenge. I would say that we do a good job of blocking it. What is frustrating at times is that vendors cannot block it because they don't have the tools to do that. Also since there's a lot of money to be made out of ad fraud, it is one of the hardest things to monitor in ad operations.  

Has the awareness about ad fraud increased and are clients paying more attention to it?

The fact is that nobody wants to pay for the anti-ad fraud. In the last few years there is a positive sign of clients paying more attention to issues like ad fraud than before. However many clients are still depending on in house solutions without having the skill sets or the tools to deal with this massive challenge.


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We wanted to change the 'boys will be boys' notion: Zenobia Pithawalla, Ogilvy

The Senior Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy speaks on what really prompted the team to opt for the said creative strategy while conceptualising #ShareYourStory for Breakthrough India

Misbaah Mansuri 7 hours ago


It’s amazing how India's #MeToo movement arrived in a cascade of allegations as women took to Twitter to call out comedians, journalists, authors, actors and filmmakers. And in the process, they have sparked a debate about consent and complicity. The fact that it got men in powerful positions step down says so much about how a campaign has the potentiality to transform so much. With that in mind, a campaign released by Breakthrough India in 2015 caught our attention.

While this is not the first campaign that made conversation regarding taking on sexual harassment, it is definitely one that does it differently and more tactfully. Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the ad encourages mothers to talk about their sexual harassment experiences with their sons. How the campaign worked is that it invited mothers to write open letters to their sons, which Breakthrough would then share on its site. Alternately, mothers could also record WhatsApp videos/audios of them talking to their sons, making them aware of how they feel when such harassment happens to them (the moms).

The aim of the campaign was to spark conversations in families that would make boys understand what constituted immoral sexual behaviour. Zenobia Pithawalla, Senior Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy, spoke to exchange4media on what really prompted the team to opt for the said creative cut, campaigns against sexual harassment that she admires and more. Pithawalla shares that a survey by Breakthrough, showed that 90 per cent of women and girls have experienced sexual harassment once in their lifetime. “For the most part, young boys and men are unaware of what actually constitutes sexual harassment. Worse still, their actions are justified by friends, family and community with a dismissive statement - 'boys will be boys'. This attitude had to change,” she asserts.

She opens up that Sonali Khan, who was the agency’s client at Breakthrough, was very clear that she wanted to go beyond creating awareness. “She wanted to give out a solution. She wanted a 'Do campaign',” shares Pithawalla. The Senior ECD reveals that the team comprising Mihir Chanchani, Vikram Shah and Ambadas Wadisherla came up with the thought of what if mothers actually shared their sexual harassment stories with their sons. "Conversations of this nature don't otherwise happen in families,” she states.

Pithawalla lets out that she felt that the best way to get through these young men was to partner with the greatest influencers in their lives - their mothers. “It was important for every son to realise that even his mother is not spared. We hoped every son will do his bit to ensure what happened to his mother doesn't happen to another woman,” she continues.

The stories were real stories and incidents shared by women. For Pithawalla, the other Indian campaigns that really stand out against sexual harassment are Kalki's, 'It's your fault'.

“A take on the sick mindset of victim shaming. It is a provocative piece which makes you sit up and think.” She says. She is also all praises for the recent piece #HoliNotHooliganism, “Burzin Mehta, Sakshi Choudhary and their team show us the dirty truth that lies beneath the colours. I think every campaign's attempt is to provoke a change in mindset,” opines Pithawalla. She asserts that creating such an impact takes time. “The idea is to keep at it. And believe one day it will happen.”


Correspondent, exchange4media, Mumbai Misbaah reports on advertising industry. Based in Mumbai, she interviews industry leaders in the creative, advertising and marketing space, reports news updates in the ad space. She drives the ‘Chillout’ section, and regularly reviews ad campaigns. In the past she has reported on mainline news, travel and lifestyle.


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Vivo celebrates free spirit of the youth in latest Y Series campaign by Publicis India

The campaign went live in the second week of October, 2018 and will run across popular offline and online channels

exchange4media News Service 21 hours ago

vivo ad

Vivo, the smartphone brand, launched their latest brand campaign for promoting the newly launched Y Series range. The campaign focuses on creating awareness about this series and highlighting its performance and camera capabilities - two key drivers of this category.


Conceptualised & executed by Publicis India, the campaign is targeted towards the youth of the country that is free and open-minded. They are the ones that do not get influenced and are rather liberal about the choices they make in life. They tend to take every day as it comes. It is from this attitude that stemmed the core campaign idea of 'Apna Y Hai Na'. 


The integrated campaign comprises two TVCs that are being aired during PKL matches across Star Sports Network. The campaign will be amplified through other key media like digital and In-store as well.


Commenting on the launch, Nipun Marya, Director, Brand Strategy, Vivo India, said, "2018 has been a very successful year for Vivo owing to great consumer response for our innovative smartphones. We want to continue and further enhance the customer experience by kick-starting the festive season with the new Y-Series models that are designed to provide an immersive experience to our consumers."


Highlighting the creative standpoint behind the campaign, Bobby Pawar, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer - South Asia, Publicis India, said, “The brief was to find an insight for Vivo Y-Series which is specifically targeted to the youth.”


"The youth of this country is extremely free and open-minded. And from this attitude of theirs stemmed our main idea of – Apna Y Hai Na. Also in both films, we've established the product truths i.e. Portrait Mode and Octa-core processor & Faster RAM through relevant social contexts.”


Of the two TVCs, the first is a 'Metro' film where we see a young couple hop on to the metro and is faced by the familiar tyranny of judgemental stares from fellow commuters. Here the portrait mode on the camera of the Vivo Y series comes to their rescue and helps them blur the whole world out, and captures them in passionate embrace.


Link to the films:


Babaji Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmhm-4kXvFM

Metro Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiYRVb1ByOY


In the second film titled 'Babaji', an atypical modern guru extols the virtues of multi-tasking - something that the youth of this country, and even the Y-series (with its octa-core processor and faster RAM), are clearly good at. So in both films, Vivo India has established the product truths through relevant social contexts.



The campaign went live in the second week of October, 2018 and will run across popular offline and online channels.




Team credits:

Client: Vivo India

Team: Nipun Marya, Nidhi Bhuchar, Nidhi Kohli, Radhika Itkan

Agency: Publicis Capital

Creative Team: Bobby Pawar, Amit Shankar, Durgesh Singh, Siddhartha Joglekar

Client Servicing: Ravpreet Ganesh, Amitabh Sreedharan, Sourav Barua, Subhank Gupta

Planning: Gursimran Singh

Production House: Absolute

Director: Vasan Bala




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Barbie looks to inspire young girls to dream big

Barbie's mentorship program encourages young girls to have positive, strong role models that inspire them to believe that they can be anything

exchange4media News Service 2 days ago

barbie mentors

The famous doll brand from the house of Mattel - Barbie, released a campaign video in India called, 'You Can Be Anything,’ to inspire young girls to dream beyond limitations. The campaign celebrates the significance for young girls to have positive, strong role models that inspire them to believe that they can be anything.


With the belief of ‘You Can Be Anything’ philosophy, Barbie reached out to mothers across India to know what their daughters aspire to become when they grow up. The response was overwhelming, with about 1,000 moms sharing beautiful stories of their daughters. Barbie finally chose three girls with most inspiring stories and decided to fulfill their dreams of becoming a Chef, a Gymnast and a Comedian. The role models who were brought on board to mentor, motivate and inspire these young girls were:  Commonwealth Games gymnast, Meghana Reddy; Chef at Flavour Diaries, Anjali Pathak and Entertainer Urooj Ashfaq.

Barbie created an intensive mentorship program to help these girls overcome challenges, and accomplish infinite possibilities through hard work and dedication. This program was documented as a video by Barbie and released coinciding with International Day of the Girl Child, to encourage and motivate several other girls to conquer their dreams.

Speaking on the occasion, Lokesh Kataria, Mattel’s Head of Marketing, said, “We are delighted to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child in India with the release of our campaign video - 'You Can Be Anything. This campaign was conceptualized to encourage young minds through actual stories and highlight the significance of empowering role models. We are happy to have three prominent young achievers like Meghana, Anjali, and Urooj as mentors, and with them, we have tried to depict the importance of appropriate guidance in nurturing dreams. We are hopeful that this initiative will encourage the next generation to believe in their dreams and have faith in their potential.”

Mentors for this campaign are:

Meghana Reddy, Commonwealth Games Gymnast: Telangana’s 19-year-old Meghana is India’s exclusive Olympic representative in gymnastics. She has been training under a former world champion in the US and UK for the last four years and has specialized in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Anjali Pathak, Chef of Flavour Diaries: Anjali Pathak is a foodie, passionate chef and a teacher. She has been running the popular food studio Flavour Diaries in Mumbai for three years now, offering hands-on cooking classes using fresh local produce, spanning across the Mediterranean, European, American and Asian cuisines.

Urooj Ashfaq, Entertainer: The 22-year old is a writer and comedian working in Mumbai. She is one of the promising comedians in the circuit, known to be creating waves with her humour. 

Tags Barbie

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Reliance Jewels releases digital campaign, 'Jab dil chahe Diwali moment’

The brand launched the new campaign to spread awareness on safe jewellery purchase scheme

exchange4media News Service 2 days ago

Reliance Jewels

With the arrival of festive season, Reliance Jewels has geared up with dhamaka offers along with a string of services and benefits for the festive shopper.

In addition to lucrative discounts, Reliance Jewels is also celebrating the joy of ‘Jab Dil Chahe Diwali Moment’ with their latest digital campaign. The brand launched the new campaign to reach out to their existing as well as prospective consumer base to spread awareness about the safe jewellery purchase scheme, thereby making jewellery shopping a pleasant experience. 

Commenting on the festive season campaign Sunil Nayak, CEO of Reliance Jewels said, “The newly launched digital campaign will talk about Reliance Jewels’ special offers this festive season along with additional benefits such as complete rate protection, Full Return on Old Gold Exchange & Free Jewellery Insurance. We understand and value our customers and aim to bring only the best offers and benefits for them combined with superior quality, exquisite designs at our showrooms”.

With the entire country coming together during this season to share joyous moments and memories, the wide variety of traditional and contemporary fine jewellery designs at Reliance Jewels makes it a one-stop shop destination for festive shopping and gifting.
Reliance Jewels’ festive campaign advocates its relevance and existence in the customer’s entire life cycle and promises to be with them at every moment. Along with excellent offers the campaign also delivers on the value proposition to its customers.

Reliance Jewels is present in two different formats – Standalone Showrooms & Shop in Shop (SIS). Currently operating through 58 Showrooms and 36 SIS, Reliance Jewels is expanding its base across the country and is excited to cross 100 point of sales before Diwali. Reliance Jewels Shop in Shop offers light weight, trendy and stylish fine jewellery at an affordable price.

The brand has recently moved to a new avatar of being a ‘Jeweller in the Retail Space’.  With maximum focus shifting towards customer centricity, new innovative designs and offering unique value proposition to its customers, Reliance Jewels is expanding rapidly. For the patrons the upcoming showrooms will provide an ethereal experience as they walk into a dazzling environment replete with alluring displays of gold and diamond jewellery against rich and opulent decor.

The brand only deals in 100 percent BIS Hallmarked Gold and every diamond used is internationally certified by independent certification laboratories. All Reliance Jewels showrooms have QC Tech Rooms for repairs and Karat Meters for customers to assess purity of gold free of cost. Apart from this the brand also offers loyalty points on every purchase.



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Samsung India launches new QLED TV campaign

Conceptualised by Cheil Worldwide India, the campaign ‘Discover the Picture. Discover the Love’ continues to focus on the ‘Technology of loving’ where Samsung technology helps melt away barriers

exchange4media News Service 1 day ago

samsung QLED TV

Samsung India launches a new QLED TV Campaign conceptualised by Cheil Worldwide India. In an endeavour to strengthen the emotional connect with its consumers, the campaign continues to focus on the ‘Technology of loving’ where Samsung technology helps one take notice of true emotions that can melt away the barriers. 

The TV campaign went on air on over 35 channels across all genres and will continue till end of this festive season.

The campaign outlines a unique father-son bond. The inevitable, the unsaid love between a son and his father brings alive a poignant story. It shows a man on top of a mountain peak struggling to fight the snow and make his way. He reminisces of his childhood when his mountaineering father was going for an expedition but could not complete it and was left heartbroken. The memory of this was so sharp in the man’s mind that his ultimate desire was to reach the peak and make a documentary. While his father sits back at home and watched television, he notices his son at the peak where he wanted to go. Moving closer to Samsung QLED TV.

Ranjivjit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung India said, “At Samsung, we value our customers and consistently endeavour to make their lives better. Samsung’s QLED TV features new innovations that enrich the lives of consumers by re-imagining how TV integrates into the living room, how consumers enjoy their content, and how they interact with their TVs. Our new campaign showcases QLED TV’s amazing features like Ambient Mode, 100 per cent Color Volume and S Voice. The campaign is based on a beautiful story that depicts the special bond between a father and son and the role that Samsung TV plays in strengthening this bond. We hope our audiences enjoy watching it.”

Speaking about the campaign, Aneesh Jaisinghani, Executive Creative Director, Cheil WW India said, “Samsung has consciously shifted its advertising narrative towards emotional storytelling. Taking the brand’s direction forward, the idea behind this campaign is to tell a story about great technology through a warm human bond – that of father and a son.  The film beautifully captures the story of a young man who fulfills his father's lifelong dream and at the same time communicates the key feature of the Samsung QLED TV very effectively.”



Campaign Credits:
Creative Agency: Cheil Worldwide SW Asia HQ
Creative Team: Aneesh Jaisinghani
Account Management: Byung Gon Park, Mohit Mishra, Vikas Negi & Somya Nanda
Director (of the TVC): Go, Han Ki
Executive Producer & Producer:  Tony Choi
Production House: Love and Money
Line Production: Bohemian Films
Post Production Studio: Elliot                    
Music Credits: Gorilla Sound
Lyricist: Lee Ban Seok


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Kansai Nerolac Paints dedicates an iconic Durga mural in Kolkata

The portraiture, conceptualised by FCB Ulka and brought to life by artist Tushar Kamble, is inspired by the rich tradition of Bengal and local folklore

exchange4media News Service 3 days ago

Kansai Nerolac Durga Puja

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. (KNPL), one of the leading paint companies in India and pioneers of ‘Healthy Home Paints’ conducted a pujo activity, Nerolac Shera Para Shera Pujo across Kolkata and other cities of West Bengal. 

The brand unveiled a large Durga Maa mural painted on Hotel The Peerless Inn in Kolkata to commemorate this year’s pujo festivities. The event saw Bengali actor Rituparna Sengupta; Ram Mehrotra, VP, Sales & Marketing, India & Nepal at Kansai Nerolac; and Tapas De, General Manager at Hotel The Peerless Inn . 
Kansai Nerolac has effectively engaged with its customers through the product portfolio and customer awareness campaigns promoting transformation and environmental sensitivity over the years. The Durga Maa mural signifies the same vision of transformation and beautifying Kolkata in its fourth consecutive year celebration of Nerolac Shera Para Shera Pujo. 
The portraiture, conceptualised by FCB Ulka and brought to life by artist Tushar Kamble, is inspired by the rich tradition of Bengal and local folklore, currently adorns the walls at Peerless Inn, Taltala. Depicting the homecoming of Maa Durga, the elements used in the visual identity illustrate the grand celebrations that happen during pujo, when men and women rhythmically dance to the beats of the dhak along with traditional dhanuchi dance competitions. The mural also demonstrates the lions - vahan (vehicle) of Maa Durga. 
Commenting on the unveiling, Ram Mehrotra, VP – Sales & Marketing India & Nepal for Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd said, “Bengal has always been an important market for us. Inspired by the cultural spirit and essence of the state, we have undertaken several activities to engage with our customers. In the past, we have launched ‘Shades of Bengal’ – a coffee table book that unravels various shades and spirituality of Bengal. The Durga Maa mural is yet another attempt to connect with our Bengali audience by adding colour and happiness to their lives on an auspicious occasion like this. The idea behind painting the mural at Peerless Inn was, if put simply, to make Durga Maa stay back, even after Durga Pujo concludes – a commemoration from Nerolac as giving joy back to the city of joy.” 
He added, “Nerolac, along with extensive support from paint trade dealers over the years, has continued to flourish. As a part of this year’s initiative, we also organised a community-building initiative called ‘Paintdaan’, wherein Nerolac dealers across West Bengal donated minimum one litre of paint towards the marvellous mural.” 
Supporting the initiative, Sengupta said, “I feel immensely proud to be a part of this magnificent unveiling! It is overwhelming to see such creative spells and love of the people of Bengal for Maa Durga, during this time. Shera Para Shera Pujo is indeed a distinguished initiative and Nerolac has been doing a great job of bringing local communities together, thus enhancing community building.” 
Commenting on the initiative, De said, “We are honoured to partner with Kansai Nerolac for this unique initiative. Durga Puja is the biggest socio-cultural festival in Kolkata and Kansai Nerolac has provided, a remarkable opportunity to host Durga Maa at our hotel. The mural showcases the true meaning of Durga Pujo.” 



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Hockey star Sandeep Singh to endorse nutrition brand Fast&Up

He will be the new face of Fast&Up multi-channel marketing campaign as well as brand engagement activities  

exchange4media News Service 3 days ago

sandeep singh
Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Limited’s Fast&Up has got on board Indian professional Hockey Player and former national captain, Sandeep Singh as their brand ambassador. Sandeep Singh will be the new face of Fast&Up multi-channel marketing campaign as well as brand engagement activities.  


Recently, Sandeep Singh’s story was retold through his biopic - Soorma in which Diljit Dosanjh essayed the lead role. Famously known as Flicker Singh, Sandeep Singh played as full back and was a penalty corner specialist for the team; currently is a DSP in Haryana Police. Sandeep Singh’s passion for sports and fitness, his determination and spirit for the game makes him the right fit for the brand.


Since its inception, Fast&Up India has worked to educate sportspersons and fitness enthusiasts interested in living an active lifestyle about the importance of including nutritional supplements alongside an optimal diet and training routine to achieve the best results in a healthy manner. Fast&Up offers a range of health supplements under both sports nutrition and active nutrition. These include Fast&Up Fortify, Fast&Up Activate, Fast&Up Reload and more.


Talking about the association, Sandeep Singh said, “I have used Fast&Up personally and been an active promoter of the brand long before I considered to endorse it. In a highly competitive nutrition market, Fast&Up stems out as a brand that differentiates itself through a compelling story, a commitment to stay relevant and high quality products. I am very happy to associate with Fast&up and look forward to working with them closely.”


Vijayraghavan Venugopalan, CEO, Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Limited, said, “Fast&Up is one of the fastest growing sports and active nutrition brands in India. A lot of famous sports personalities have included our supplements in their routine and now it’s time reach out to people who aspire to be one of them. We are very proud and privileged to be associated with Sandeep Singh and believe that he is well suited for the purpose as he has been and still is inspiring a lot of upcoming sports enthusiasts and athletes. And since the Hockey World Championship is starting next month, having Sandeep Singh on board is a great addition to the brand. Through this association, we aim to strengthen its brand identity as the most trusted and reliable mobile sports and active nutrition brand in the nutrition supplement industry.”


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Akshay Kumar, Honda employees feature in new corporate campaign

"Teri Har Udaan, Hamari Shaan" campaign is conceptualised by Dentsu One, a Dentsu Aegis Network division

exchange4media News Service 2 days ago


Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. Has come out with its new corporate campaign - “Teri Har Udaan, Hamari Shaan”. The campaign, conceptualised by Dentsu One, a Dentsu Aegis Network division, demonstrates how Honda has given wings of freedom to the ride of millions of Indians over last 18 years.


The campaign in collaboration with Chrome Pictures aims to communicate the commitment and experience Honda offers to its customers from pre- sales to after sales, from safety riding training to customisation of products, from racing to adventure. The idea was to showcase all the myriad ways in which the brand touches the customer.

  The story opens in the Honda factory where Honda associates gather for their shifts. The group is joined by Akshay Kumar, the brand ambassador. They stand together and sing, “Dil hai, jaan hai, imaan hai… teri har udaan, hamari shaan hai”.  As the song continues, in the background we see several customers experiencing the commitment that Honda has in sales, after sales, service, road safety, customisation, racing and adventure. Towards the end of the film, we see Akshay Kumar himself experiencing the joy of adventure on the hills while riding Africa Twin. The film marks the introduction of Joy Club- Honda 2Wheeler India’s loyalty program which customers can join and enjoy many benefits.

 Director Hemant Bhandari's, Co-founder, Chrome Pictures said,“Honda is one of the rare experiences one is fortunate to have in their careers. The magnitude of work gone behind it and the outcome makes it a lot more special. I hope the audiences will enjoy it as much we enjoyed making it. For this commercial we covered all of India from the north to the south. Eventually, we shot it across 6 cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Sonmarg. Each city came with its own set of challenges. However among many herculean tasks the ones that stood out were music and casting. It was a big task to create a melody that represented an anthem that defined a brand as big as Honda. Additionally, the correct casting with representation across geographies of the country from north to south was a challenge. These characters needed to be casted keeping in mind timelines, shoot schedule, travel and a million other things. Considering our tight schedules working with Akshay was so smooth and easy thanks to his cooperation and professionalism.”


Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., said, “The trust and patronage of our customers towards 'Brand Honda' reflects in the expanding customer base of 39 million Honda wing riders. With the new corporate film, we aim to further strengthen our commitment by 'Serving our Customers with a Smile' in all areas of engagement and provide them with the 'Joy of Riding' in pursuit of their Dreams.”

Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One, said, “Usually we create communication for the customers. At times, we create for brand’s internal audience. We thought this could be a rare opportunity where the communication could be more than just customer facing. We thought we could use this opportunity to uplift, motivate and inspire every single individual who is associated with the brand. We asked a question, “How does it feel to make someone fly?”

The song ‘Teri har udaan, hamari shaan’ is an answer to this. Here the Honda associates, dealership staff, service staff take a pledge that they will put all of their ‘dil, jaan, imaan’ into every little thing they do. The film celebrates spirit and action in equal measure, however small or big.”

Abhinav Kaushik, Executive Vice President, Account Management, Dentsu One, said, “In marketing, we often talk about touchpoints through which a brand needs to engage with its customers. For most brands, it’s a tick-mark and a numeric count of how many touch points they have. With this campaign and ground-level initiatives, Honda wants to ‘touch’, ‘empathize’ and ‘engage’ with its customers to create deep-rooted and inseparable bonds of trust and commitment – that transcend the ‘touchpoints to trust-points’. The relentless spirit to create long term value for its customers is clearly the objective that Honda is pursuing here.”





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