Nescafe’s viral ad: The perfect brew?

Admen weigh in on the McCann ad on optimism during bleak times that has garnered over 6 million views on YouTube

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Aug 13, 2020 9:05 AM

While there have been reams of ads that have been released recently as markets start opening up and ad production kickstarts, it is Nestle India-owned coffee brand Nescafe’s latest ad campaign that seems to be breaking through the clutter and going viral. The ad has garnered over 6 million views on Youtube (until the time of filing this copy). The campaign, “Karne se hee hona hai” (Only doing will make it possible) is about how the existing environment, with its uncertainties, has shown that life is full of opportunities and surprises for those who wish to find them. NESCAFÉ with its latest campaign drives home the message that people should seize these opportunities and surpass the challenges of the current times with optimism, action and resilience.  

The ad has been conceptualized by McCann India. Sharing the thought behind it, Prasoon Joshi, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, McCann India said, “At a time when India is restarting after a prolonged crisis, NESCAFÉ through this campaign speaks of the spirit of purposiveness and resilience. ‘Karne se hee hona hai’ – a phrase that captures the positivity, hope and optimism of the youth and those who take it upon themselves to be at the forefront to restart, infuse life and purpose into their passion.” 

Created with an upbeat background score, the latest TVC highlights that even though life had seemingly come to a halt with more than 100 days of being inside, we must now get ready to restart it and find newer ways to drive ourselves to achieve our dreams. We ask experts whether it ticks all the right boxes and makes the perfect brew?

According to K V Sridhar (Pops), Global chief creative officer Nihilent & Hypercollective, gives it a thumbs up and says that out of all the ads released recently, he would definitely notice this one. He lauds the piece of work overall in terms of its overall creative, execution and strategic timing. “It is perfectly timed and contextual, which is the best part about it. The ad is written and produced well with great lyrics that are sure to inspire not just the younger generation but also the older generations,” he notes. 

Brand strategist Ambi M G Parameswaran likes the outset of the spot which is based on the restarting of things. He opines, “The ad shows young people with cups of Nescafé. A simple montage, with a musical track. They had an interesting starting point, of getting ready for the Opening Up. But they got mired in too many images. It could have been a simpler story. Which had both the rational and emotional reasons why we drink coffee embedded better.”

Meanwhile, Sandeep Goyal, Founder, Mogae Media finds the shift in positioning from genteel-wake-me-up to a more aggressive and gung ho ‘must-do narrative something interesting. “It is texturally different from the past. More in the coffee category too with a much younger age group in the frame. Also, effort to be tech-savvy and therefore ‘with-it’. Do I like it? Not really. If in the effort to broad base audiences, you lose brand essence, then communication has a problem. This commercial is trying to youngify the category and the brand but the communication has a rabble-rouser tonality which is alien to Nescafe. Young it is; aspirational it no longer is,” Goyal remarks. 

Samit Sinha, Managing Partner, Alchemist Brand Consulting remarks that the advertisement for its message is both opportune as well as in line with Nescafe’s brand positioning and proposition, which has been consistently built around “being active and feeling rejuvenated”. “Putting it in the context of the pandemic makes it particularly relevant for the present times. But at 90 seconds, its execution makes it far too long and somewhat laboured for it to hold as much interest as it could have. The same message could have been conveyed more effectively in less time if it had a strong creative idea driving it. So, to put it succinctly, I would say that the creative is on brand, but is a bit boring,” he asserts.

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