Nescafé brews 50 stories of resolve for #ItAllStarts campaign

The brand has used the stammering comic TVC to start a campaign on Twitter, asking its 15.6K followers to share stories of their resolve

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Updated: Oct 8, 2014 7:55 AM
Nescafé brews 50 stories of resolve for #ItAllStarts campaign

With 5,024,744 (still counting) views on YouTube, Nescafé’s stammering comedian ad has managed to draw eyeballs all over social networking sites in India. As it completes a month since its online launch, Nescafé has taken the campaign a notch higher.

The brand is looking out for more achievers, who have faced that uphill battle, broken stereotypes, overcome challenges, emerged victorious and want to share their stories with the world. All one needs to do is post a story on Twitter with the Hashtag #ItAllStarts and Nescafé will select the top 50 entries.

Where #itallstart-ed

The description on Nescafé ’s YouTube Channel says: “We all fall, get up and complete the race of life! And while we huddle up with friends, family and the world to celebrate the success, it is only that one companion that silently stays by our side all through the journey, right from the start, never letting us give up & keeping us on plan - NESCAFÉ! #ItAllStarts...”

This TVC features a stand-up comedian with a stammer. It begins with him performing in front of a crowd while telling the story of how his stammer affected his choice of career.

The video shows how he decided to turn things around for himself and used the stammering as his strength instead of being pulled down by it. The product is first shown at just about this exact moment, associating the brand with victory.

With a quite a few humorous moments, he goes on to thank coffee for giving him the strength to go on. The commercial ends with the protagonist, Rishi, saying, “Thank God for coffee. It kept me going and kept you awake.”

Watch the video here:

Twitter Push

Here are some stories posted on Twitter up till now:

Place Pictures 1 – 7 here (see attached)

Emotional connect

The Nescafé ad connects with the audience at an emotional level. Also, this new campaign is a strategic shift for Nescafé as a brand that has always had celebrities endorsing it.

The digital launch and association with a Twitter campaign to showcase inspiring stories looks like a perfect extension of the campaign that began as an online-first viral video.


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