Laura Desmond, Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group, as Guest Editor,

It was not business as usual at the exchange4media office on October 20, 2010, when Laura Desmond, Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group, spent the morning with the reporters and senior editors as the Guest Editor for, for the day. Her approach towards industry news and developments was sharp, firm and focussed, and her advice was forward looking.

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Updated: Oct 21, 2010 8:23 AM
Laura Desmond, Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group, as Guest Editor,

For those who know her, Laura Desmond, Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group, is simple and to-the-point. And the exchange4media Group’s editorial department experienced this firsthand on October 20, 2010, when Desmond took charge of the newsroom as Guest Editor for the day. In a meeting connecting the various exchange4media offices, Indian media, advertising and marketing industry’s developments were discussed and Desmond explained why some of them made to her pick of the news headlines for October 21, 2010 newsletter.

Desmond stated that filters for ‘news that matters’ for her included developments that impacted the reader at a human level or something that the reader could connect with personally and something that involved various layers, which would eventually prove to be an ongoing story rather than a snapshot development that would lead to engagement with the reader.

As the meeting progressed, one key thought that Desmond brought out while discussing a report on social media was how it was interesting to note advertisers calling for specific social media pitches in a market, where social media spends were not even in pennies. She said, “It is important to be clear on how social media should be approached – as a standalone silo or as a thread that can connect other mediums. I think I would go with the latter.”

Giving her views on happenings in the print and television media, including the latest TAM Media Research ratings of reality shows that were released on October 20, 2010; advertising developments including pitches (of which some decisions still awaited confirmation) and news in the digital space, Desmond picked the news for the day.

But being a global thought leader herself, her views on the communications industry also indicate future growth drivers and the road ahead for the industry. Read more on that in the Notes from the Guest Editor’s Desk.

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