IPL's playful Holi ad hits the bull's eye

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, the creative idea 'Koi nahin bachega' stems from the fact that it is impossible to escape the excitement induced by IPL

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Updated: Mar 20, 2013 8:28 PM
IPL's playful Holi ad hits the bull's eye

Bursts of blue colour oozing out, painting everywhere and everything around with a folky soundtrack by the Ehsaan-Loy duo and homey lyrics by Ila Arun, reminds of a typical Holi scene from a Bollywood flick. But this one is the new campaign for the biggest sporting extravaganza, the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL, titled ‘Koi nahin bachega’).

It certainly took inspiration from the lines of Johannes Itten that says, “Colour is life; for a world without colours appears to us as dead”. Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, the creative idea ‘Koi nahin bachega’ stems from the fact that it is impossible to escape the excitement induced by IPL – be it catching a drink with friends, switching to any news channel or checking anyone’s timeline on Facebook.

The last season of the IPL campaign done by Ogilvy was based on the insight that IPL is the future of cricket and entertainment, through the concept of a carnival filled with excitement and series of ups and downs.

The timing of the campaign is perfect because the sixth edition of IPL will kick-off immediately after Holi celebrations come to an end. The ad links Holi to the IPL and connects with the fans without featuring any cricketers. Interestingly, Pepsi, the title sponsors of the event has also got some coverage in the campaign.

The film opens with players entering their dressing room and as they put on their shoes, a burst of blue paint comes out. They run outside to catch the people who did it and encounter more blue paint. The film shows people playing with their favourite team colours through balloons, buckets of paint and dry colour. It also shows an old lady taking a bucket of yellow paint and throwing on her husband. The film ends with a tagline that reads ‘Koi nai bachega’.

Commenting on the new campaign, Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India said, “Every summer India comes under the grip of IPL fever. The thrill, the excitement, the anticipation leaves no one untouched...whether you’re a fan or not. This fun and mania is what we wanted to capture. IPL ke rang se koi nahin bach saka hai!”

The campaign is produced by Corcoise Films and directed by Prasoon Pandey. It will be supported by radio and OOH.

Is it adding colours to the IPL?
Experts believe that the campaign is energetic and cheerful. It has been executed well and connects with the audience because of the visual impact and lively soundtrack.

Charles Victor, National Creative Director, Law & Kenneth Worldwide said, “I think it's beautiful both, visually and as an idea. Something every creative piece aspires to be. While the execution has that cliched ‘scale’ that everyone talks about, it’s also personal and very human. Fantastic cast, wonderful storytelling and I love the little surprises scattered in the film.”

He added, “The insight is extremely simple and it’s something we can't help but connect with, without having to deep dive and decode. The rivalry of Holi, the rivalry of fans, the inescapability of getting coloured during Holi, the inescapability of getting drawn into the IPL, it’s a wonderful connect. I’m not an IPL fan and it connected in a big way with me! That says a lot!”

According to Naresh Gupta, Managing Partner, Bang in the Middle, the ad is very nicely executed, especially with Holi around the corner. The teams, their colours, the interplay, and the freeze frame colours all create a very nice impact. “The whole idea of ‘everyone will get coloured’ is a good plank to be on, despite the colours that are being thrown look like colours from a paint can,” he said.

On establishing connect with the fans, he said, “From a fan perspective I have a big issue, (and I am a big fan), despite all the gaiety and happiness, the game takes a back seat. There is not even a hint of the game in the whole story. For a fan, IPL is first about the game, even if it is not international cricket, and then about all the fun. The game being pushed to a margin is not a good thing. In contrast, the Hockey Premier League celebrated the game. That to me is as critical a component as promoting fun and frolic. The game needs to be celebrated more.”

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