Inside Tonic Worldwide's entries for Cannes Lions 2021

The agency has submitted its work for World For All Animal Care & Adoptions and Wow Skin Science

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Updated: May 21, 2021 9:32 AM
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With Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021 a month away from today, agencies are looking forward to their best creatives winning accolades at the prestigious event. Tonic Worldwide has also nominated two campaigns to the fest: Vocal For Local by World For all and Trash Your Spam for Wow Skin Science. Both the campaigns have witnessed an overwhelming response this year and got people talking about them. Here’s a look at the campaigns from their creative brief to their impact.

World For all, Vocal For Local

Entry Title: Vocal For Local Pets

Brand: World For All Animal Care & Adoptions


On 12th May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Indians to go Vocal For Local products. While this sent everyone in a frenzy with brands & people flaunting their Indian-ness, 'World For All Animal Care', an NGO that helps find homes for Strays, looked at the situation to bring focus to a cause that desperately needed the nation's attention. It was found that there are approximately 60 million strays in India; most of whom are mistreated daily. To end this prejudice against strays, the brand and agency encouraged 'patriotism' through  #VocalForLocalPets. This move was aimed towards ending India’s hostility towards these strays.

There are approximately 60 million strays in India. The situation of the local strays/breeds in India is the absolute worst. While a foreign breed is seen as a ‘status symbol’, Indian strays are considered as dirty vile creatures that cause menace and are often ill-treated on the streets.

World For All, an Animal shelter and care NGO, wanted to change this perspective amongst Indians and create a positive sentiment for these Indie breeds.

The objective of this campaign was to create inclusivity for Indian breeds in the hearts of the country’s citizens, encourage India to co-exist, vocalize widespread discrimination, curb violence & change people’s hostility towards strays.

Strategy and execution

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s urge to go #VocalForLocal products, the agency saw an influx of brands and companies now proudly wearing the label of being an ‘Indian’. The speech became a national movement where you could see the tilt shifting with many citizens of the country now having a more positive approach in adopting local brands. This led them to wonder, what if they could leverage this exact sentiment for a cause that desperately needed the nation’s attention?

Through their research, they identified the key problem. Most of the nation was not standing up for its local breeds or speaking up against the atrocities happening against them. The agency knew that the need of the hour was a strong messaging that would move pet lovers to take a stand and become the voice of the voiceless.  

The strategy here was to tap into the country's patriotism as a tool to help build inclusivity for the strays. So they adopted the nation's interest and adapted it to form a new way of communication to help erase the discrimination. The idea here was to project these animals as citizens of India which was executed through thought-provoking visuals with these strays at the forefront. The campaign was launched around Independence Day, knowing very well that people's patriotism would be the highest during this time.

Since online shopping has been on the rise, Tonic created a microsite with a shopping format; where every animal had its description along with an ‘add to home’ button; inspired by the ‘add to cart' feature on shopping websites

Given the TG’s obsession with Indie rap music, the agency created a new music track, a rap song for #VocalForLocalPets that took the message forward without sounding preachy!


Bollywood actors, LGBTQIA rights activists, popular bloggers, animal welfare associations and popular dog/cat pages on social media pitched in, becoming advocates of the #VocalForLocalPets campaign.

The campaign reached around 570+ million people and created approximately 700+ impressions. It also garnered earned media worth 5+ million.

A change in behaviour was observed amongst Indians as adoption queries for strays also increased by 20%. Changing the attitude of all Indians is going to be a long process but this was just the start! 

The entire campaign was organic without any media spends on a zero media budget by World For All Animal Care & Adoptions.

Wow Skin Science, Trash Your Spam

Entry title: Trash Your Spam

Brand: Wow Skin Science


Data reflected that the average Carbon emission for a single spam message is 0.3 grams and 107 Billion e-mails sent across the globe every day are spam e-mails. With an increase in digital usage worldwide during the lockdown, Wow Skin Sciences, a personal care brand decided to combat “dormant” pollution caused due to storage of emails by creatively showcasing this data and highlighting the need to 'Trash your Spam'. The brand wanted to reinforce a significant step towards its commitment to sustainability. In a nutshell, they wanted to get millennials to be aware and contribute to the environment positively.

The brief from Wow Skin Sciences to the agency was to connect with the audiences who are digital natives and leverage digital to spread awareness and enable some action by users leading to change. 

Strategy and execution 

The movement was led by influencers who educated followers about the same and encouraged them to trash their spam and update their social bios with 'Number of spam mails deleted'. The innovative approach was showcasing a simple digital act that could contribute to the environment. 

The strategy was to target the millennials a.k.a 'couch activists' to contribute to the environment without stepping out of their homes amidst the pandemic on World Environment Day. The agency asked people to delete their spam mails to help the environment and inculcate this as a daily habit in their lives to combat digital pollution.

Based on the data-driven insights, Tonic Worldwide created a campaign that encouraged users to join the movement and make a difference with a simple act digitally. In order to encourage millennials, Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders, Mumbaiker Nikhil and Ranveer Allahbadia kickstarted the campaign by urging their followers to 'Trash their Spam'. Over 200 Content creators, Internet activists, actors, etc went live on their social media handles and deleted their spam mails while urging their audience to trash their spam mails. 

Users started changing their bios with the number of spam emails deleted.'WOW Skin Science' also maintained a live count ticker of the number of emails deleted on their website and mobile app to motivate millennials. The team turned deleted Spam emails into coupon codes, giving users discount coupons to shop on WOW Skin Science. They also featured unique deleted mail video creations and replied in real-time on social media.


Within a span of 3 days, users deleted half a million spam emails equal to cutting down 150,000 carbon emissions. The campaign generated 10 million+ Social Impressions and over 450,000 Spam emails deleted. The brand witnessed a 40% rise in Instagram followers resulting in over 20,000+ new 18-35 y/olds joining its Instagram community. It was executed in less than $2500 but reached over 3 million people and garnered earned media worth a million. The campaign also resulted in a 165% growth in brand interactions. The campaign crossed borders, receiving entries from UAE, Mexico, UK where WOW Skin Science didn’t even deliver.

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