Idea behind SBI campaign was simple, execution challenging: Pramod Sharma, Rediffusion

Pramod Sharma, Executive Creative Director, Rediffusion talks about the insight and the challenges faced while creating #HoSaktaHai

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Published: Apr 2, 2019 9:16 AM  | 4 min read
SBI Ad Campaign #HoSaktaHai

Advertising something as mundane as home loans in a creative form can be challenging, especially when there is a content clutter with a plethora of ad campaigns on loans from varied insurance companies. 

To break away from this clutter, State Bank of India’s recent ad campaign showcased a unique way to put forth a brand message and instil brand recall. SBI’s multi-media ad campaign #HoSaktaHai has been created by ad agency Rediffusion. 

The five ad films showcase inanimate objects that people usually purchase to decorate their new homes - like a doll that’s waiting to dance at a wedding, a golf-kit that gathers dust, a star that’s pining away since forever, a car that’s sitting in a garage of neglect and an elephant that’s suffocating in packing (inside a wrapping) paper. These ad films talk about a convenient home loan solution by SBI designed for a specific customer and their requirement. The campaign aims to reach out to aspiring homeowners with an array of innovative solutions. The ad films have got great traction online and have over 50 million views.

Commenting on the ad campaign, Pramod Sharma, Executive Creative Director, Rediffusion, said, “The idea was simple, yet the execution was quite challenging. Piyush Raghani and the production team did a great job of bringing our vision to life. We paid special attention to get the right voice casting for each film. In fact, for the golf kit film, we got Swanand Kirkire as the texture of his voice was perfect for the film.” 

We, at exchange4media, spoke to Sharma about the insight of the campaign and how Rediffusion produced all these five ad films. 

Brief and Insight
 It was a very simple brief. Everyone in this category is offering home loans. But SBI is the only client that has a lot of products in their home loan categories. They have 10 to 12 solutions for everyone. There is a loan for an army personnel, there is a loan for people who want top-up loans. There are a lot of variations. Everyone talks about ‘dreams’. We wanted to have a slightly different take and the client gave us full freedom. They wanted something clutter-breaking. So, that is what led us to #HoSaktaHai.

The biggest challenge was: ‘How do we get inanimate things talking?’ There was a point in our discussions where we said: ‘Should the objects be animated? How do we animate these objects and how will it look?’ But I think, it was good that we stuck to our basic idea of keeping it very simple and have nice voice-overs that matched with the product. For the dancing doll, we shortlisted and tested a lot of voice-overs and then finalised on one. For the elephant, we tested around twenty-five to thirty tests. And matched the voices and said, ‘This is the voice that matches like an elephant talking.’ That was the amazing amount of background work to it. It looks simple that you just go and shoot an inanimate object but it was very tough. 

There is a radio campaign that is running on most radio channels. We are also going to do a lot of OOH and online work.

The art of storytelling according to you…
All good stories in our world last for very long. They go from ear to ear. A good story is something that you love to hear again and again. That’s what our attempt is through this campaign.

The message you wanted the consumers to take away…
The hashtag of the ad campaign is #HoSaktaHai. The message is that today every Indian can dream to have a house of their own. This dream is possible, it is #HoSaktaHai.

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