Honda Amaze takes an all-too-familiar road for new TVC

The car, which has been tagged Amazingly Indian, is seen negotiating chaotic Indian roads before the driver reaches the destination, something Alto has done before

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Updated: Sep 26, 2014 7:57 AM
Honda Amaze takes an all-too-familiar road for new TVC

Honda Cars recently flagged off the ‘Longest Drive through Amazing India’ with its family sedan Honda Amaze and an ad campaign titled ‘Amazingly Indian’.

Announcing the new initiative, Jnaneswar Sen, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Honda Cars India, said in a statement: “Honda Amaze has witnessed great success in the Indian market and the sales milestone further reiterates that we have been able to meet market expectations through our customer-centric innovation approach. We are celebrating this success by organising the ‘Longest Drive through Amazing India’ initiative, which is a part of Honda’s “Amazingly Indian” campaign conceptualised by our creative agency, Soho Square (Gurgaon). The drive will traverse through mountainous terrains, coastlines, flat highways, congested city roads and the interiors of India, showcasing the durability and reliability of Honda Amaze through this diverse terrain. We are really excited about the initiative and believe that the Honda Amaze shall triumph over all these conditions.”


The film features a family driving through the crowded streets of Delhi in their new Honda Amaze, guided by a map app. In a state of utter confusion, realising that they are lost, they make their way through chaotic markets and narrow streets, seeking directions along the way. When the family finally reaches its destination (a wedding celebration), a host asks them if they had any difficulty finding the house. After the protagonist says, ‘Not at all’, the voice over says, “India jaisi amazing jageh ke liye, hum laye hain ek amazing gadi. Honda Amaze. Amazingly Indian.”

Watch the video here:

Most experts believe, the ad borrows a lot from the old Maruti Alto TVC.

Experts Speak

“Didn't anyone say "Hey, that reminds me of the Maruti Alto commercial!" when they were presenting the script for Honda Amaze?” said Nima Namchu, Chief Creative Officer of Cheil India.

Nilanjan Dasgupta, Executive Creative Director, Kolkata and Chennai, Rediffusion Y&R, is of a similar view. “This is not the first time that a car advertising is talking about Indian road conditions. Maruti has done it with Alto (with a similar jingle). So has Volkswagon with Polo. So nothing new in the idea. The making is decent. Few little touches like where the man says "Yeh toh deewar hai!" and we see a Deewar poster on the wall, have come out well. Overall, Indian for sure, but not so amazing,” he said.

Sharat Kuttikat, Senior Creative Director, DDB Mudra-West, says, “The TVC definitely keeps you interested till the end – it's shot well, and an average Indian can relate to it. However, Honda, to me, has always been about the machine – the car and the technology running it. The TVC, in my view, establishes how the car is a compact, easy-to-drive vehicle, but fails to showcase a clear product advantage. Maybe there is no clear product advantage. In which case, the TVC does its job.”

Makers Take

Ajay Gahlaut - Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Group-North, says, “The brief from Honda to the Agency was simple. The Amaze is a car that is built for India. All the features of the car are aligned with that single-minded thought. We decided to challenge this theory to the max. So we just simply asked a family to find an address in the most testing road conditions in the country- Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi, and filmed it, and that’s our TVC.”

According to Kapil Arora - President, Ogilvy Group-North: “The Honda Amaze has seen a spectacular run since its launch last year. It is a unique combination of Honda's technical superiority, a great value proposition and the pride associated with the Honda brand. As the Honda Amaze has been designed specifically to negotiate rough Indian road conditions, and to meet the unique needs of the Indian customer, we created a campaign reiterating those very virtues of the car - that the Honda Amaze is a sedan truly Made For India.”


During the drive, multiple customer meets will be organised across cities where customers will not only be a part of the fanfare but also encouraged to participate in the drive. The Longest Drive is a part of Honda's 'Amazingly Indian' campaign. Amazingly Indian has been launched to celebrate the success of Honda Amaze in the country and will be promoted through ATL, BTL and other mediums.

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